November 2011 Google Webmaster Report

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Google WebmasterHere is the monthly Google webmaster report, the November 2011 edition. For last month's see the October 2011 Google report.

As always, this report is based on the coverage we posted here over the past month and the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread. First, let's start with the new discussion topics in the thread.

  • Two different indexes being seen popping in and out of the search results
  • Suspecting a new index to be released shortly
  • High spidering activity by GoogleBot
  • East coast snow storms and power outages had major impact on traffic and sales

The theme for Google in October included the new algorithm that up-plays freshness, the few Panda tweaks over the month, the new default SSL search and how it impacts referrer data and some of the other minor changes Google made over the month.

Below is a listing of the more important Google related topics we covered this month:

I hope this saves you time in recapping on the past month in terms of Google stuff as it related to webmasters and SEO.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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11/07/2011 02:09 pm

The freshness boost was an interesting one. We thought it would affect caching as well, but the tests of live-update blog posts showed otherwise and after 3 days it still shows the old cache version. Index was promptly updated but nothing new. The update seems to be largely to do with sorting of results on the basis of newly figured QDF parameters.

SEO cupcake

11/07/2011 03:24 pm

I think that the freshness update is the headline of the week. Event though a lot are scared since Google announced it will affect 35% from the search volume, I think that it would be nothing compared to Panda.


11/07/2011 07:53 pm

There are two indexes, and a lot of sites that use black hat inbound link tactics (splogs with anchor text links and comment blog links) are the winners so far.

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