Nofollow Your Links? How Long Until Google Notices

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nofollowA WebmasterWorld thread has one SEO/Webmaster asking how long will it take for Google to show him the fruits of his efforts after nofollowing a bunch of links on his site.

He wanted to know how long will it take Google to notice the nofollows and see those results in the Google search results. He asked, "How long does it take for Google to notice that we added the nofollow and do we need to tell them somehow?"

For Google to notice the nofollow, all they need to do is crawl the page. For them to take action on the nofollow, by not counting that link, well, I am unsure how long it will take. Is it based on the recency of the crawl? Based on Google updating internal scores? Based on that signal going into a special index? Based on different algorithms, like Penguin, to rerun? Again, I am unsure.

What do you think?

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05/20/2013 01:25 pm

Surely the question has been answered a thousand times before? Google can only take action when they see that the link has been altered, meaning that the crawl of the page where the link is placed is needed before anything can be altered. Meaning that this boils down to the fact: It depends....

Sourabh Rana

05/20/2013 01:25 pm

ONE WEEK is enough if your website is daily updating & you are submitting XML sitemap into right time. @barry Like you also did paid links into no-follow ..


05/20/2013 01:26 pm

The tragedy of the XXI century - To Follow or Not to Follow ? )


05/20/2013 02:03 pm

I thought the part about Pinterest was the most interesting thing in that thread lol


05/20/2013 02:13 pm

Did a test last week. Took Google 5 days. I'm sure it depends on stuff like PR.

Spook SEO

01/26/2014 05:25 pm

As victorpans test result, it takes only 5 days for Google to noticed about it but did the Pag Rank of the website affects the time span of Google to get noticed? or the VOLUME of websmasters who nofollows thousands of links at the same time?

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