Moz Analytics Gains Not Provided Report


moz logoMoz announced they have a new report that helps SEOs and webmasters with the [not provided] problem. Not provided is where Google is no longer reporting keyword data in Google Analytics and other analytics products. This report aims to help a bit with that.

It only works if you connect Moz Analytics with Google Analytics. Then it adds "tracked keywords" based in the keywords the page likely ranks for. It then also shows estimated traffic for those keywords and average rank.

Here is a picture:

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Alexander Hemedinger

06/11/2014 01:08 pm

Not too shabby.

Antony Jackson

06/11/2014 01:22 pm

A potentially very useful tool. In the past few months I've been using a rather complicated spreadsheet to do something similar, using rankings, traffic estimations, CTR etc and comparing them with total traffic data and the keyword data from AdWords The tricky part has been the constant checks and changes that I've needed to do to map the varying % of "Not provided" and actual keyword data given with the estimated traffic from known rankings. It has led me to missing keywords that I wasn't tracking as well as giving me more accurate CTR data for ranking positions in our sector. If I hadn't spent about 6 months fiddling with the sheets, I think I'd be more excited about this but it's a problem that hasn't been going away and I couldn't wait for Moz (or anyone else) to come up with a solution. (I apologize if I've managed to completely garble my explanation, it's getting to the end of (another) long, long day)

Vermont Design Works

06/11/2014 02:11 pm

Very cool, I can't wait to tinker around with this. Not a full keyword recovery obviously, but better than nothing (which has been the alternative).

Michael Martinez

06/11/2014 03:13 pm

Apparently a couple of other services have come out with this feature, too, like Vanessa Fox's Keylime Toolbox.

Dave Fogel

06/11/2014 04:29 pm

I will have to try it out.

Ashish Ahuja

06/11/2014 06:04 pm

I use accuranker and it provides this analysis also

Jared Carrizales

06/11/2014 09:29 pm

That sounds like a cool tool. Any chance I could take a look Antony?

Brian Jackson

06/12/2014 05:27 am

Ya pretty much every other competitor to Moz out there already offers this.

Irina Nica

06/12/2014 12:49 pm

Hi! SEO monitor App ( launched a very similar (not provided) solution in October 2013. The main difference is that it only takes 24h MAX to process your data. There is a 14 day trial period so you can check it out, if you’d like.

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