Montessori Education Celebrated With Google Doodle

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Montessori Google Logo

Today is the 142nd birthday of Maria Montessori, who invented a form of education used throughout the world even today. The Montessori education is used in over 20,000 schools for children between the ages of newborns to 18 years old.

It is known that Google's co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both went through the Montessori education system.

To celebrate the late Italian physician and educator, Google has a special Doodle for her on her 142nd birthday.

Here are the "elements" of the Montessori education model:

  • Mixed age classrooms, with classrooms for children aged 2½ or 3 to 9 years old by far the most common
  • Student choice of activity from within a prescribed range of options
  • Uninterrupted blocks of work time
  • A Constructivist or "discovery" model, where students learn concepts from working with materials, rather than by direct instruction
  • Specialized educational materials developed by Montessori and her collaborators

The logo shows some of the tools used for her education model.

The video below shows how important the Google's co-founders early education was to them:

For more details on her contributions and her life, see the Google search result for her name.

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Terri Sherrill

02/27/2013 09:07 pm

Thanks for this great article! Dr. Maria Montessori was an academic, a surgeon and medical doctor, certified in math and physics, and held additional degrees in both psychology and anthropology. For over 50 years, she studied human development "as a biologist studies bees" (through observation and complete dedication to her work) --refining her understanding of what we now call cognitive science. By creating environments that are a precise match for a child's physiological and neurological needs at each stage of development, she discovered that intelligence is not rare --and that children of all genders, socioeconomic status, countries, ethic and racial backgrounds, and so on... are born with amazing powers of self construction and creative promise. While education often talks about helping individuals to realize their potential, Dr. Montessori empowers her teachers with a tool box par excellence. She also showed us that even though humans beings have walked the earth for generations, it was assumed that children were at the "bottom" of the ladder for most of human history. Unfortunately, this means that most often we failed to meet essential needs during critical windows of development. Therefore, our current assumptions and philosophies about human nature are false. Instead, the truth is that children have the capacity to become more intelligent, compassionate, courageous, creative, self-disciplined, responsible, articulate, independent, self actualized, and socially adept than we have imagined.

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