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Majestic SEO LogoThis morning Majestic SEO launched a new tool to measure the competitive nature of a keyword or keyword phrase.

The tool looks at the number of sites using that anchor text across the web as well as the title of the pages. They said you can type a keyword into our home page instead of a web URL and start to see how many web pages use the phrase in the Anchor Text or in the title of a URL or a domain.

Here is a screen shot of the output, click on it to see it larger:

click for full size

They also allude to soon being able to see the domain names using the anchor text the most. They said, "we are constantly developing" when the question was brought up.

I am not big into writing about tools here because (1) I don't use tools and (2) then I get hundred emails from tool companies that I didn't write about. Only reason I wrote about this today is because I spotted a Google+ post that is being talked a lot within the community and it is somewhat slow this morning.

Forum discussion at Google+.

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Ian Lockwood

07/30/2012 03:14 pm

Whilst I think this is a useful keyword research tool, I feel they are rather over-selling it in their blog post. Two quotes stand out: "Until now, SEOs have had to rely largely on Google’s paid search keyword tool bench-marked against its expected cost to rank in Adwords to make assessments as to how competitive a phrase is." Er, really!? I have never done that and have several tools and search operators to get me data on competition for keywords. Tools that have been around for years and are widely used... "Ever since in:url, in:title and in:anchor was stripped from advanced search engine commands, this feature has been unavailable to most users." Pardon? When did they stop working? {Pops to Google and types [inurl:resources] to check} Oh yeah, THEY HAVEN'T! They are available to absolutely all users and continue to be (although if you abuse them Google gets shirty with you, I will admit). So whilst it can be a useful tool (particularly if you need loads of data and Google is going to ban you for scraping it), it's hardly groundbreaking. If they throw in their domain authority data to give me an average of the top 10 or top 20 SERPs' domain authority, that would be an awesome tool, but it requires (live?) scraping of Google search results, so I can't see it happening.


07/30/2012 03:47 pm

I agree with Ian. The tool really does nothing that scores of other tools don't already do better. Only checking anchor text and whether a keyword is in a URL seems far too basic. What about the Title tag, the description tag or on-page text? I'd especially be leery of a tool that shows how many anchor text links a site has pointing at it, like that is a major indicator of anything these days. That could also be a bad thing in this post-Penguin world! Above all, is there any actionable information here? Is the tool giving me a score based upon the parameters the are using and allowing me to evaluate various keyword phrases side by side based on that score. Because of the very limited scope of this tool and the lack of a true score, I'll stick to using Coach's Keyword Tool.

Monto Roy

07/31/2012 08:01 pm

There are various tools giving such data but is there any tool which tell the exact competition of the keyword whether it is high, medium or low and how much time and effort it will take to reach on 1st page?

Simon Fryer

08/08/2012 06:40 pm

Couldn't agree more with Ian & Scott. @ Monto Roy. It's impossible for a tool to tell you how much time it's going to take to hit page 1. It depends on an insurmountable amount of factors which no tool can measure. Your skill as an SEO is one of them. 5 hours of my time might be very different from 5 hours of your time. It looks as if this tool only checks the URL, and anchor text. That's 1 on-page signal out of a vast amount. How about the semantics of the page, the use of related keywords, alt text, and title tag (as Scott has pointed out) etc. Your best bet if you want to see how competitive a keyword is, isn't the number of results for that search or the quantity of page titles with the keyword in them, or link anchor text. it's looking for yourself manually and assessing how well, in your opinion, your potential competition has optimised their sites. This tool just looks like a quick-win for competitor analysis to show a potential client/investor It doesn't seem to me like it would add any real value to an SEO campaign or research.

Slovak Translator

11/14/2013 10:30 pm

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