Results: 20% Of SEOs Actively Exchange Links With Competitors

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link exchangesAbout a month ago we polled you guys asking if you exchange links with competitors.

In our older poll only 14% said they would link to competitors. This poll is different in asking would you exchange links with competitors, not just link to them.

Our results of 130 plus responses shows almost 20% of you would exchange links with a competitor. 50% said you would never ever exchange links with a competitor. But 27% said you most likely wouldn't but would do so on rare occasion.

Last week we published a poll saying Most SEOs Say There Are Penalty Proof Paid Links.

In any event, I find the results of this poll on target from my expectations.

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Omar Kattan

04/25/2011 12:36 pm

cnvi at WMW sums it up well "Try not to make linking decisions based on how you think its going to affect your site's search rankings. "

Nick Stamoulis

04/25/2011 01:52 pm

I don't know how I feel about link exchanged with partners. Why would you want to possibly send a potential client over to your competitor? However, I am a big fan of commenting on a competitor's blog or article if possible. I think it's A) a good way to get a quality link and B) a good way to bring up the industry as a whole.

Adam Marsh

04/25/2011 02:51 pm

I agree with Nick! well said...

Syed Khaled Hussaini

04/25/2011 06:19 pm

I am assuming a lot of them exchange links where its not most visible to visitors - but still not a fan of this outdated strategy


05/05/2011 03:56 pm

Well yes and no. Because you're looking to increase traffic, and a links true value is putting your site in a better position to be seen, either on a relevant site or on the serp. So how your site's rank benefits from links is always a prevalent thought even if it's not the only factor in linking decisions. But you're right in the sense that people should be making these decisions based primarily on relevance.

Shearer Painting

06/08/2011 03:19 pm

If you are a local service it makes sense to exchange links with other authoritative sites who are not direct competitors. Example: a dentist from Dallas and a dentist from LA; both may may good articles or videos that are useful to their markets and they trade, give credit, etc.

SEO Professionals

08/02/2011 04:06 pm

There are a variety of link exchange networks. A few of the more popular ones are Link Market, Links4Trade, LinksManager, and LinkMetro. Some of these networks may help you save time, but do not look for them to be a complete solution to your link building campaign. Most of the sites listed in link exchange hubs have no link values.

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