Largest Snowflake World Record As A Google Logo

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This is a bit weird for a Google logo but weird does not surprise me for Google.

Today's Google logo celebrates the day of the sighting of the largest snowflake every spotted. Google says it is the world record for the largest observed snowflake.

Here is the Google snowflake logo - how huge?

Google Snowflake Logo

Here is a video of it:

Wikipedia has the largest snowflake as 38 centimeters (15 in) in diameter observed in Fort Keogh, Montana on January 28, 1887.

Why would Google have a logo for a snowflake?

Hard to say, Google did tweet:

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Gerald Majors

01/29/2012 01:39 am

What were these guys drinking when they measured it? 

Rifaat Orfali

01/29/2012 02:17 am

Some Ayahuasca =)


01/29/2012 02:39 am

I just love these off-the-wall Google Doodles. 


01/29/2012 02:43 am

Really weird...but kinda cool at the same time. Why are we celebrating this again?


01/29/2012 02:49 am

BIG snowflakes from BIG sky country.  


01/29/2012 02:54 am

Thats so coooool


01/29/2012 03:18 am

Of course it's's a snowflake!!!!!


01/29/2012 03:19 am

theres no picture of the snowflake


01/29/2012 03:22 am

haha google doodle lol


01/29/2012 03:24 am



01/29/2012 03:28 am

2nd paragraph, mis-spelled word.... (every spotted)


01/29/2012 03:51 am

No shit Sherlock it was the 1880’s you didn’t have cameras that took high speed photo’s you had a huge camera that you had to set up on a tripod and use powder to take the photo, and who was to know such a snowflake would even land that day, but if people even knew in advance and set up the camera on the tripod back then it still couldn’t have taken the picture because of the speed, when people had there photo taken back then they had to sit still or stand still but could not move otherwise it would be blurry some photographers had contraptions that would hold the subjects head still for the photo  as the lightest movement could blur the photo making the glass plate worthless…I am truly surprised you did not know this, did you think they all had camera phones back then in the 1880’s or pocket cameras? Or did you just sleep through history class???


01/29/2012 03:54 am

just wondering what the largest snowflake EVERY spotted was CITED for.... you would think a bigshot from a high tech company would have some kind of clue!


01/29/2012 04:02 am

purpledrank get me sum purpledrank purpledrank, sup drank 

powder launching idiot

01/29/2012 04:08 am

Is that what that puff is when they take the picture? Powder? I always thought it was a plume of smoke from the flash. I guess the old cameras had a powder launcher built right into them. You're dumb.


01/29/2012 04:10 am

Wow, you are such a genius. Do you have anything else to teach us? 


01/29/2012 04:11 am

Shouldn't it be  'sighted', instead of 'cited',  and 'ever' instead of  'every'??? Sheesh, who wrote this??


01/29/2012 04:14 am

Really cool!


01/29/2012 04:19 am

D: Play nice, kids.


01/29/2012 04:23 am

sweet but i agree bad grammer


01/29/2012 04:34 am

Come on, Watson, there's no need to be a jerk about it. A lot of people don't know when cameras were invented; it's not exactly common knowledge. I know I never learned in school when the camera was invented; I know about old cameras because I've read about them in books. There's no need to chew someone out for asking a simple question. And a camera phone wouldn't do the job; the pictures on most phones aren't good enough to take pictures of white on white and have them turn out clearly. Also, of course he didn't have cameras in the 1880s... he wasn't alive yet.


01/29/2012 04:43 am

For all the people writing the misspelled words, you forgot the apostrophe s. it should be after Google, not today.


01/29/2012 04:48 am

Tim, maybe you should check your own "grammer" before critiquing others. It's actually spelled "grammar".


01/29/2012 04:49 am

" Why would Google have a logo for a snowflake?"  Why would you run an article about Google having a snowflake logo? And then posting a video of the Google logo in motion?  ...the hell?


01/29/2012 04:51 am



01/29/2012 04:52 am

i loved this.

Gun Powder Launcher

01/29/2012 04:54 am

Wow, seriously? I'm guessing your tone is supposed to be sarcasm. Here I am thinking that old cameras back in the 1800s had a flash that was powered by gun powder. So, you're actually the dumb one.


01/29/2012 05:03 am

wa wa wee wa

Cant we all get along

01/29/2012 05:07 am

We cant just be mad at google? instead we have to turn on each other because one person may not know as much as you do? C'mon guys.


01/29/2012 05:40 am

you know we can be schooled in cameras and snowflakes simply by typing them in the long rectangular box, also Jesus Christ or did I start another debate?

George Peabody

01/29/2013 04:05 am

Actually the snow flake in question was very much bigger than that. Bystanders described it as "big as a cow-flop." But it melted too quickly for an accurate measurement to be taken

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