Kia: Why Doesn't Our Web Site Show In Google's Preview?

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Kia logoIt appears that someone from Kia, the automotive company, is pretty upset that Google is not rendering the Kia Flash web site in Google's preview pane fully.

A Google Webmaster Help thread has Austin, who appears to be from Kia, acting disturbed with Google over not displaying their home page in the Instant Preview pane.

Kia's web site, is Flash, like many other automotive web site manufacturer's web sites. Google's Instant Previews should render flash web sites, Google says:

A: Flash is supported. The preview generator will attempt to render the Flash components on most previewed pages, but some pages are fetched on demand by the Google Web Preview useragent and are rendered without Flash to minimize latency. Therefore it's important that your site has a reasonable, seamless experience for visitors without Flash. This may involve creating HTML-only equivalents for your Flash-based content that will automatically be served to visitors who can't view Flash. Providing a good experience for this case will improve your preview and make your visitors happier.

But in this case, Google just shows a Kia logo:

Kia Google Preview

Should Kia be upset or should Kia be investing in HTML5?

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Alan K'necht

05/02/2012 12:48 pm

It's Kia's agency fault for not understanding or choosing not to implement an SEO friendly which in turn is a user friendly design. No Kia shouldn't be upset with Google, they should be upset with their agency.


05/02/2012 12:49 pm

I also think Kia shouldn't be upset with Google. Technically, Google IS showing the flash from The logo on a white background is actually the loading portion of their flash site.

Alan Brocious

05/02/2012 12:55 pm

I agree with Alan, the agency is supposed to be the expert. Kia makes cars, they hire an agency or staff that are supposed to be experts in digital marketing.


05/02/2012 04:09 pm

They have a mobile version that renders on my iPhone, so they must have *some* inkling of what they're doing.  But I don't have a lot of sympathy for Kia on this.

Pedro Matias

05/02/2012 06:36 pm

They should probably check out what the UK team is up to, previews work just fine and is also flash.


05/03/2012 04:47 am

Agency Fail.... Google +1


05/03/2012 10:06 am

How is it Kias fault that Googles engine cannot index the web correctly? flash is apart of the web it's Googles job to index it, not to dictate how the web should be created.

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