Obligatory Google PageRank Update Notification

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Google PageRankAs many of you know, I am not a huge fan of obsessing over Google's PageRank score as shown in the Google Toolbar.

But whenever there is a Google PageRank update in the toolbar, I feel obligated to report it. Why? Well, as per our purpose, we cover what SEOs and SEMs are discussing in the discussion forums. Whenever there is a PageRank update, SEOs really spend a lot of time and energy discussing it.

So after almost 6 months, Google has finally updated the toolbar PageRank values. At least that is what everyone is reporting in the forums. Personally, I did not look - but based on all the threads and posts, it seems like a global PageRank update was indeed pushed out.

The last one was about 6 months ago, and this comes about a month since Google's Matt Cutts said a PageRank update is coming soon.

So maybe Google will start updating the PageRank values twice a year instead of quarterly and before that, monthly. Google, I hope, will continue to downplay PageRank.

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IS global Web

06/27/2011 12:16 pm

Yes Google PR updated. Thanks Google


06/27/2011 12:33 pm

Hehe, I read "Even if I don´t care, I just have to write about this". Nice one. :-)

Anindya Bhaumik

06/27/2011 12:37 pm

I am really Excited, My personal website was launched last 2 months before, I got every pages PR, specially inner page got PR3, Where home page got PR2. Check - http://www.seo-expert-andy.com/about-me.html 

Barry Schwartz

06/27/2011 12:38 pm

Here it comes, every one trying to boost their PR will drop a link here. FYI, the links in the comments on this site do not pass any juice.  

Nitin gupta

06/27/2011 12:48 pm

yes it is!!!


06/27/2011 12:55 pm

I don't know why you are saying that Tool bar page rank is not important. Based on my understanding, most of the websites are estimated based on Google Page rank only. I think Toolbar page rank will be used  as a way to measure the work done by SEO Teams. So, I believe Tool bar page rank still plays important role. The reason for Google changing the PR update frequency may be something different.

Barry Schwartz

06/27/2011 12:56 pm

Well, you and I disagree.

Dan Petrovic

06/27/2011 12:58 pm

Barry you're an icon. I was hoping that given your status in the industry you should not feel compelled to explain yourself for posting about PR update. It's an event to do with Google and ultimately SEO. Why the hell is everyone feeling like they will ruin their reputation if they talk about PageRank? I really don't understand. According to our tests TBPR snapshot dates from around 9th May 2011 which is much fresher than the last update which was 6 months old. By the way PageRank is far from dead and Google has just found a way to scale up their calculation via Pregel, I wrote about it here: http://dejanseo.com.au/relationships-in-large-scale-graph-computing/ Happy PageRank update everybody ;-)

Barry Schwartz

06/27/2011 01:01 pm

I often don't. See http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/022826.html

Mon Slater

06/27/2011 01:03 pm

Could everyone saying that pagerank is still important please go back to 2002.  Thanks,


06/27/2011 01:07 pm

"I think Toolbar page rank will be used as a way to measure the work done by SEO Teams." Not really. Imagine the situation: “So, we’re 6 months in. What difference have your SEO efforts made to our website’s performance? What have our sales increased by?” “Well, your sales haven’t increased as such. Nor has your traffic. However, you know that little green bar at the top of the page? It’s got longer!” “Thank you so much. Have another bundle of cash.”

Felix Finn Rose-Collins

06/27/2011 01:58 pm

We got a PR5!! took us 4 months! - TLSubmit.com


06/27/2011 02:07 pm

Curiously, may main site went from a 4 to a 3. Everything else went up. Hopefully, the SERP numbers will be OK.


06/27/2011 02:09 pm

I'm over the moon that Google has got around to doing a PR update. Our site, www.truetraveller.com went live on 1 February and missed out the last time, and today we've gone from PR0 to PR3. No matter what anyone says that PR is unimportant, Google doesn't mean anything by it blah blah, for our main key term we moved from 16 to 10. Co-incidence?


06/27/2011 02:58 pm

 And somehow i'm prepared to bet my left testicle that this didn't happen overnight, probably a few weeks ago (your ranking change). A big website of mine went from PR 6 to PR 3, rankings nor traffic was effected - isn't that, weird (or rather, not)?


06/27/2011 03:00 pm

LOL, i really did lol irl at your comment, thanks for that.

Fresno Internet Marketing

06/27/2011 03:01 pm

Yes I noticed a pagerank update early this morning. A little disappointed tho. My main money site is still a PR3 been like that for over a year. But on the up side many of my inner pages of my site also went to a PR3.


06/27/2011 03:02 pm

 For some reason Disqus will NOT for the life of me stop posting a link and will not fricken' stop adding a link. I noticed the page is nofollow anyway, but Disqus really does need to sort itself out.

Gianluca Fiorelli

06/27/2011 03:03 pm

Boh... probably every TBR was changed three months ago and we didn't know it just because it was not updated... even though via other metrics (i.e.: mozRank) you should have had to known you were getting better or not on Real Page Rank. Ok... maybe tomorrow all our TBR will turn from X to Zero, but we will be still happy, because the toolbar will show for another six months an happy X value :) Cheers

Ian Goodall

06/27/2011 03:03 pm

What is great about you mentioning the update is that it reveals the people who still value toolbar PageRank as a metric to measure their SEO efforts.

Gaming News

06/27/2011 04:53 pm

Finally, ive been looking to sell a site for ages.

Ryan Erwin

06/27/2011 06:00 pm

I am so happy.  This is still a great metric.  I have worked long and hard on my site and we finally have a Page Rank. www.ctaxrelief.com


06/27/2011 06:23 pm

O yes, My site is now PR2. It is first update in the age of my site.


06/27/2011 06:45 pm

Yep, it's definitely underway now, no doubt about it. 


06/27/2011 06:59 pm

My blog has got Pagerank "0", but i am not able to see my search traffic low or decreasing... PR will not effective anymore. You can check my article with screenshot if the admin of "seroundtable" allow me to post this link:  Next Update Date and Time of Google PageRank to Websites and Blogs | TekNoise.com http://t.co/g1ewVYT


06/27/2011 07:50 pm

I dont understand why every famous blogger has to pinpoint how PR is irrelevant to them. Just write the bloody article people, no need to suck to all big names out there saying the same thing over and over again. Yes we got it, you dont care about the page rank...

Barry Schwartz

06/27/2011 07:56 pm

Are you sure you got it?


06/27/2011 08:00 pm

Is this a rolling update or is it all done at once?

Barry Schwartz

06/27/2011 08:04 pm

behind the scenes, always rolling. but toolbar done every 3 - 6 months.


06/27/2011 08:45 pm

If PR was increased by irrelevant backlinks and constituted the main player for ranking on the serp, I think that it might not be the best way to measure the quality or relevancy of a site for a particular keyword or topic.


06/27/2011 09:19 pm

Ok, 9 months old domain and 6 months old page (www.frayle.es), 14-15 links from 5 different low PR domains.PR yesterday was 0 (zero).Today 4 (four)Someone can explain how it could be?!Thanks


06/27/2011 09:22 pm

If I want to advertise some product on your blog....you should have a gooood PR

pdf search engine

06/27/2011 09:26 pm

 From zero to four - will there be a change in the Google SERP position?

Robert Antwi

06/27/2011 10:00 pm

Its not necessarily about the backlinks. Think about it - if it was, then we could right the stupidest page with crap content and then go about sourcing the best backlinks we possibly could for that page. Google is looking way more into pages then people can believe - but its all logical. My advice, think as if Google was your very own search engine and you were forced to make sure that its quality rendered high. So what would you favor for those that provided content for you to index?

adult seo

06/28/2011 12:34 am

i dont understand i have an website with only 1 page " index " page and i received pr4 lol but on an website with a lot of content pr2 from pr4 :)


06/28/2011 01:35 am

Finally, a much anticipated PageRank update! Luckily, most of my websites see their PageRank improved. Awesome! :)

King Douche

06/28/2011 01:38 am

Because it's cool to bash on PageRank.  If you really want to look like a cool SEO, you gotta continually dismiss PageRank even though it's the single quantifiable metric available for public observation.  Only to COOLEST SEO's can disregard PageRank.  The rest of us are forced to look at it and get excited that we've built a site that seems to have a strong and trusted foundation and that are efforts are being validated.

Dan Petrovic

06/28/2011 02:44 am

LOL, I love your statement. I just find it funny that all these forum bullies intimidate people who mention pagerank - they are probably paid by Google to ensure a safe downplay of this metric ;-) At the other hand there are webmasters out there who really cling to PR too much and need to step away a bit.

Dan Petrovic

06/28/2011 02:46 am

What's up Gianluca! Actually PageRank fluctuates continuously in more or less realtime. My data shows the snapshot was taken around 10th May 2011.

Ilona Andrews

06/28/2011 04:15 am

My website has gone up from PR1 to PR3 . The results have started paying off . I am happy to see the results . God bless Google


06/28/2011 06:29 am

yes Page rank is out and I got as PR 3 from 2 good for me :)

Grand Anse

06/28/2011 06:46 am

My website's PR got a boost. I'm not a big believer in PR, but it's still a nice feeling to see the green bar.


06/28/2011 06:58 am

I agree....PR will not effective anymore.


06/28/2011 07:28 am

Thanks for the info. There are still enough people who see the PageRank as a very importantbusiness ratio.

Google Updated PR

06/28/2011 09:05 am

In my opinion, I think this PR update has a connection with Panda campaign Google expanded during many months ago. Content has the very important role in this PR update, the websites/blogs with good quality content, frequently refresh, unique & useful information will be ranked higher than low quality sites.

Rob Abdul

06/28/2011 11:09 am

Just like an ex-girlfriend who you were obsessively in Love with, PageRank was so important at one point.  Time changes everything.

The Londoneer

06/28/2011 12:11 pm

Your public PR isn't important, except when it is - I still find that many people who are considering advertising on my site use it's PR as their main measurement of my 'worth'.


06/28/2011 01:00 pm

In this update my site lost one point of pagerank. Do you have any tips how to strengthen my pr?

Sunjoo OH

06/28/2011 02:35 pm

I checked my website the pr dropped from 2 to 1 now,  what should I do with it ?

Sunjoo OH

06/28/2011 02:36 pm

I just checked my website, the pr dropped from 2 to 1,  and lost google traffic since June 7th till now, what should I do with this ???


06/28/2011 02:46 pm

My pagerank went up for my shop (2 to 4) and my blog went down (4 to 1) wtf?

Rob Abdul

06/28/2011 02:51 pm

Swings and roundabouts my friend.

Christopher Quinn

06/28/2011 03:26 pm

Some of my sites went up and some went down. The ones that went down were expected because they were bought with high PR from Godaddy Auctions....I won't do that again!


06/28/2011 04:17 pm

Me too and it bugs the sh*t out of me.  Especially when their title is SEO consultant they should know better. (you know who you are...)


06/28/2011 06:14 pm

After reading this article it seems like you are not much happy with this time's PageRank but I am really very happy because my blog PageRank has increased 0 to 3 at once :)

Java Nature

06/28/2011 10:49 pm

my google pagerank is only increased by one point on 27 June...

Pummy Manku

06/29/2011 08:34 am

yes, google pagerank updated yesterday but my website http://www.neatstat.com still has 0 pagerank for last 6 months while my website getting 1-3k unique visitors daily… what’s going on? many of my other websites got PR2 from 1 and PR0 from 1 ... but my main website neatstat.com still has 0 pagerank while i was expecting the PR2 or 3 for it.

Pummy Manku

06/29/2011 08:49 am

Hey Christopher, same thing happened to my websites. I too, bought a domainwith PR4 from godaddy auction but now its PRo ... wth, I'll never trust on domain with high PR and will avoid auctions!

Pummy Manku

06/29/2011 08:50 am

I heard that this google PR update is suspected, also Jan. 2011 pagerank was suspected too, don't know, what's going on?????

Rob Abdul

06/29/2011 08:56 am

Your traffic levels have no bearing on the Google Pagerank.  Your entire traffic can be direct or refereed for instance.  Perhaps you have gained too many backlinks too soon for 6 months. Why do you give a rat's ass about some green bar.  As long as you're pulling the crowd and getting traffic, that is what you should care about.

Pendekar Berkuda

06/29/2011 09:54 am

not good..really hate the way google calculate the page rank... grr...

Pendekar Berkuda

06/29/2011 10:43 am


Pendekar Berkuda

06/29/2011 10:44 am


search engine

06/29/2011 10:58 am

Yes the Pagerank update is out and up - thanks for the notice! From zero to four - went online just after the January pagerank update. I am really curious if it will affect our traffic!

Walter Cardoso

06/29/2011 12:54 pm

Correct, google has updated Pagerank. My sites got 1 point more each.!!


06/29/2011 04:12 pm

My site's rank went down from 5 to 2.... So... I'll lost my customer for the "link space"... I dont want to buy a site based on the page rank anymore....!

J.G. Moore

06/30/2011 04:40 am

Man, I got killed--went from 4 to 2! 


06/30/2011 10:35 am

My 12 websites launched since june 2010 got new pageranks from 2-5. No change in rankins so what's the use?

SEO Services India

06/30/2011 12:37 pm

Happy to convey.. we have got bonus from Google’s page rank update.... our home page and inner pages have got good page authority from google.... we are expected page rank update after the panda2.2 update....

RNB Panels

07/01/2011 04:07 am

Dear All, I'm Happy that page rank has been updated on 1 july 2011 ..i have pr "0" for http://www.rnbpanels.com, Now i have 1 PR for ..!  All of you can check the schedule of Page rank at http://seofriendship.blogspot.com/2010/12/google-pagerank-2011-update-schedule.html Regards  


07/01/2011 10:12 am

Siyavuna Development Centre went from PR0 to PR3.....yayness!! Time to start some serious link building and populating wuith content.....wanna crack a PR5 by December!!!


07/01/2011 12:15 pm

I started CostSolutions.Org on Feb 28, 2011. From a zero to a PR5.. Dead Sexy!


07/01/2011 02:40 pm

Based on the results udate Google Pagerank dated June 27, 2011 to prove my guess that the traffic is not a parameter that determines that a blog worthy of ranking from Google. The proof is a new blog that I made three months managed to get rank 2.


07/01/2011 02:52 pm

Congratulation for you http://rayhanzhampiet.blogspot.com/ !! I am sure you are working hard enough to getting PR2.  Google Pagerank always be a mysterious thing...

Search Engine Marketing

07/02/2011 10:06 am

     I am happy with this google PR update as most of my sites have got positive Page Rank.

Human Edited Directory

07/02/2011 05:22 pm

My web directory: www.humanediteddirectory.net went from PR O to PR4. Submit your site today!

Ana | Traffic Generation Cafe

07/05/2011 06:59 pm

A rather unexciting report, Barry, I must say - your seeming indifference to the subject speaks volumes.

Barry Schwartz

07/05/2011 07:01 pm

Thanks Ana at Traffic Generation Cafe. :)

The Watcher

07/09/2011 03:30 am

The www.danpros.com Pagerank increasing from PR 0 to PR 8 after PageRank update on June 27th. The biggest increase on Pagerank history!! Unbelievable!!


07/12/2011 04:52 pm

I've used this post in my July SEO Round-Up published here: http://bit.ly/seoroundupjuly

Brian Hartman

07/14/2011 06:07 pm

anybody notice that Google's and the White House's PageRanks dropped to PR9 while Facebook's was raised to PR10?? Quiet interesting...

Brian Hartman

07/14/2011 06:07 pm



07/16/2011 03:11 pm

This was a message from Google, that pagerank really doesn't affect on SERP! You don't need pagerank to rank higher, you need backlinks!

fentory ward

07/16/2011 06:57 pm

Google Page rank is PR9 is best to the search engine. There are really search a all type of category and fast search engine. Adult text link


07/19/2011 10:46 am

I have PR5 for 7 days and now i have PR3   ???   http://ireaproperty.com/

vaibhav bhadange

07/21/2011 09:57 am

one of our website have pr 5  for 7 days and now its down 4  , previously it was 4  http://www.angelbroking.com anybody tell us why it is ..??


07/21/2011 10:06 am

my site also no get PR http://www.opendemataccount.com


07/24/2011 05:37 pm

 my site http://www.pakiisp.com google pagerank was 5 now  3 why ?


07/28/2011 01:40 am

Hey,am happy because Google has updated PR & most of my sites get updated (positive pr).Its really a great news.

Blog Commenting

07/30/2011 09:04 am

A search engine rank is the order in which a web page appears in the list of results after any given terms are entered into a search engine.Very well written article.Thanks for sharing.


08/01/2011 03:15 pm

Really wish they publicly announced pr updates


08/05/2011 07:00 am

PR again updated 4august2011.


08/05/2011 07:01 am

PR again updated 4august2011. 


08/06/2011 08:57 am

I confirm it: PR update on 4August!


08/06/2011 02:35 pm

I got 2/10 google pagerank i am happy see this

Bill Baugh

08/09/2011 03:44 pm

Yes confirmed up date on the 3rd of august. Reduce FOGs


08/12/2011 06:26 am

My brother website got 4 pr on 3rd august search engine optimization company


09/28/2011 11:26 am

My Web Directory moved to PR4, expecting PR6 on next update: http://www.humanediteddirectory.net


09/28/2011 11:27 am

Your link is broken Bro


09/28/2011 11:29 am

Wow, that is some serious linkbuilding. Can you maintain that page rank?


09/28/2011 11:33 am

The key to receiveing a solid page rank and maintaing is to build quality links. A foundation of quality back links will ensure your page rank will steadily grow. Those of you who see a drop in your page rank are using temporary page rank tactics that will not maintain.


01/14/2012 10:06 am

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06/05/2012 11:26 am

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06/10/2012 09:16 am

is there any different with English and non English sites on page rank and what is the best way to boost your site on Google PR ? any ideas is welcome www.tiramolas.com

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