Hitwise: Bing Share Increases 3%, Google Down A Percent

Sep 12, 2011 • 8:18 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search Engine Industry News

HitwiseHitwise reports Google's share declined from month to month while Bing's share increased.

Bing powered search results increased by 3%, specifically Bing.com search results saw a growth of 1% and Yahoo saw an increase of 5% (which is powered by Bing). Google.com search saw a decline of about 1% from month to month.

Google still leads with about 65%, while Bing has 29% share.

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Also, people are searching longer and deeper. They are using more words in the search results to find the search results. Here is a chart:

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A WebmasterWorld thread has supporters of Bing cheering them on. At the same time, some do not believe the numbers at all, at least by looking at their network of traffic and who sends them the most visits.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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09/12/2011 02:29 pm

What's the margin of error on the results? If it's as small as +/- 1%, this doesn't say much.


09/12/2011 02:34 pm

Can't wait until it a flat 30% for Bing, Goog and the "other one" so we get some real choices and customer service in this industry.


09/12/2011 03:42 pm

Google is not the only player in the market. Bing can have a huge share even with its IE enabled windows systems (computers and mobiles)


09/12/2011 04:15 pm

People are tired of all those bells and whistles that rig the search results. 


09/12/2011 07:53 pm

In a world with articles and blog posts about the hottest new a/b split testing technique or analytics tools it is easy to get lost and remember the fact you, yes you are one of the most technologically savvy people in the world. There are very view people who out there who can read a post about website optimization tips and have an “ah ha” moment. So when you are out in the blogosphere, or twittosphere, or Facebook land, it seems like most of your peers are referring to Google when they talk about any kind of SEO or website optimization in any capacity. I feel that everyone (especially the innovators) are guilty of not giving bing a try. It seems that the innovator/laggard tables are turned in an industry where people pride themselves on being first.   Our own analytics data suggests that a visitor that comes from bing is more valuable than the ones that come from Google.

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