Google's Holiday Gift In The Help Forums

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Some of you may or may not remember, but Google was known for sending out some pretty cool gifts for the holiday season to their advertisers, publishers and friends. That ended, on some level, last year when Google sent out an e-card stating they donating $20 million to charity instead of sending out swag like they did in 2008, 2007, 2006, and 2005.

We have no idea what Google will do this year. We do know Google had a great year financially but it doesn't mean you and I will get a neat piece of Google swag this year.

Google did something nice in the Google Help area, they created a holiday page wishing everyone a happy holidays and listed Google services people can use to make the holiday season more enjoyable. The page includes Google products like Google Docs forms, Google Calendar, Google Sharing buttons, Gmail, Mobile, Santa Tracker and more.

It also includes this top banner:

Google Forums Happy Holidays

What do you think? Will we get swag this year or an e-card with a note about a charitable corporate tax incentive donation?

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12/14/2010 04:24 pm

I have never had anything from Google... never worked out if that was just because I am unlucky or because it is for US publishers only?


12/14/2010 05:20 pm

We get them in the UK...sorry


12/15/2010 11:21 am

I live in the UK, have been a publisher for going over 5 years and have never got one... weird


12/15/2010 02:46 pm

I should have said - I buy large volumes of Adwords as well as being to a lesser extent a publisher & I think mine has always come from the Adwords teams not the Adsense team


12/15/2010 04:07 pm

Ahh thanks Dan! I should have guessed that. Cheers!


12/15/2010 04:58 pm

Oh well, my Google mug lasted a whopping week before the paint flaked off and the bottom fell off. Giving the money to charity is a much better and less waterful idea.


12/15/2010 04:59 pm

wasteful, not waterful...Oops


12/15/2010 06:00 pm

We got an HTML5 thank you video for those of us who use Ad Words.

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