Google Festivus & Get The Festivus Pole

Dec 2, 2013 • 8:29 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Every year, Google dresses up for the holidays. They have the hanukkah decorations, they will have the Christmas and Kwanzaa decorations but they already have the festivus pole.

Google Festivus Pole

The thing is, did Google ever take down the Festivus Pole? @websonic said it has been there all year and it does indeed match the 2012 Google festivus pole.

Am I "airing of grievances" about this festivus pole? How circular.

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12/02/2013 01:56 pm

Shall we list the ways Google has disappointed us this year?


12/05/2013 03:37 am

I think it is necessary that we do that so that Google will have a enough information to prepare for their new year resolution so as not to upset webmasters and SEO companies in the coming year

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