Google Slips Up & Shows New AdWords Ad Format On Google+

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Google AdWords New Ad FormatWe've been covering Google experimenting with a new AdWords ad format, where the ad is labeled in a yellow ad banner for a while now. More and more people and searchers are seeing it every day but Google has yet to announce the change.

It seems Google may have slipped up by showing in a Google+ screen shot the new ad label without knowing. They showed how you can use the knowledge graph to follow brands on Google+, but in the screen show, there was an AdWords ad that had the yellow label.

I was not able to replicate it on but I was on Google New Zealand.

Here is the current ad format:

Google AdWords Ad Format

Here is the new yellow ad label ad format:

Google AdWords Yellow Ad Format

My question is, why hasn't Google announced it yet and what is taking them so long when it comes to switching over to it.

This has to be going live to all very soon but when?

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Mark Traphagen

12/05/2013 01:50 pm

I've been seeing it for a month, but I know many others who've only started seeing it this week.

Barry Schwartz

12/05/2013 01:52 pm

I know.

Michael Merritt

12/05/2013 01:54 pm

I started seeing a wide rollout of the new ad label this week. I suppose maybe they'll launch this one quietly, or are waiting to hear some more feedback in case they have to yank it quickly due to a backlash?

Chandu Thomas

12/05/2013 01:58 pm

I have observed them on smartphones initially.


12/05/2013 02:06 pm

In Google Lithuania it also shows for about 2 weeks.

Paddy Displays

12/05/2013 02:43 pm

I have seen it on other computers for a week or so, but started to see it on my own pc this week

Mark Traphagen

12/05/2013 02:58 pm

It will be interesting to hear from AdWords users whether they start seeing any noticeable change in CTR as this rolls out.

Durant Imboden

12/05/2013 03:03 pm

I can see a positive side to this, from the advertiser's point of view: If users can identify ads more easily, they'll be less likely to click on ads by mistake, and advertisers will see better conversions and ROI. In the long run, Google might also benefit if improved advertiser conversions and ROI encouraged more aggressive bidding. (Maybe the delay in implementation of the yellow "Ad" label is to allow for more widespread testing not only of CTR, but also of how advertisers respond.)


12/05/2013 03:08 pm

I just started to see it this week. Our PPC team has been seeing it on mobile for a while.

Robert Mangutl

12/05/2013 03:24 pm

It may be because you haven't cleared your cache or browsing history.


12/05/2013 04:15 pm

Nope I was trying it with different browsers and clear my cache daily.

John Harris

12/05/2013 04:42 pm

They may be doing a soft rollout to test CTR and google's revenue.

Andy Kuiper - SEO Analyst

12/05/2013 05:19 pm

the new yellow tab format is more 'up front' than the existing beige background, as many monitors don't show the beige bg that well (at least in the case of many of my client's)


12/05/2013 06:00 pm

I've been seeing this ad format for about 7 days now. It really stands out in the results.

Joe Montanta

12/05/2013 07:24 pm

I'm currently 12 for 25 on clients not knowing the difference between adwords and organic results. They know that taggin "ad" on adwords was going to happen sooner than later, just wait for the mixed ads and organic results, I'm already counting on it.

Capt. Piccard

12/05/2013 07:28 pm

Yeah right, the end game here is having mixed paid and organic results. I prefer this as page 1 domination is more easily attainable. More ppc clicks means more revenue. The eu came hard down hard on google and the us is next, so this was a needed move to avoid ftc or congressional bs.


12/06/2013 05:19 pm

I think the word 'AD' will reduce click through rate. It will be interesting to see how this to format works.


12/06/2013 07:59 pm

You can see it in the Google Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool.


12/06/2013 08:17 pm

I think this is a beta test. I have been seeing them come and go daily or every few days. I actually think it has improved CTR on days it has been rolled out. I am not certain, but the few days I was able to keep track it looks like it helped even though I would think it would not.


12/06/2013 08:18 pm

or soft roll out i should say...not beta test. they might be doing some internal testing before deciding to roll it out. mobile ads have had this for months now.

Tom Lambert

12/11/2013 02:10 am

I think you're right Ron - we're seeing this for some clients but not others depending on location

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