New Improved Download Options For Google Webmaster Tools

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Google Webmaster ToolsOn Thursday, the folks over at WebmasterWorld noticed a visual change to the download buttons within Google Webmaster Tools. The new buttons were basically moved up higher onto the page on the links, keywords and other data reports.

But what changes is a lot more significant than just the position and look of the download buttons.

Google Webmaster Tools Download

Vanessa Fox posted a deep dive on the new changes at Search Engine Land, saying the new download feature "significantly add to the usefulness of the data."

Here are the changes in a nut shell:

  • Search query data now with filtering options to drill into specific data or date ranges.
  • Option to view up to 500 rows at once

Vanessa says that the ability to download this data in the new form give you "a much more accurate understanding of what the data actually."

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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01/23/2012 07:13 pm

Great! I love Google! Webmaster tools help me all the time and any new features are appreciated.

Door Handles

01/23/2012 11:10 pm

Funnily enough, it is only in the last few days that I have been making the most of the downloads as a means to monitor and develop out current SEO keyword campaign! I do like this feature as it managed to save a lot of time.

Warren Lowe

01/24/2012 12:17 pm

I am yet to download these tools. Going to get more information before I do so I think. Thanks for the article!

Rob Abdul

01/24/2012 02:50 pm

Google Webmaster tools is beautiful and way advanced feature-wise than what Bing is offering.

SEO Vietnam

01/25/2012 03:57 am

Thanks for the heads up, I'll try out these new stat filtering functions on GWT!

SEO Journalist

02/14/2012 03:20 pm

I use Webmastertools almost on a daily basis, couldn't ask for a better service to track your standing in Google.

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