Google Webmaster Tools Tries To Simplify Search Queries Report

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A couple weeks ago, we reported that Google Webmaster Tools added features. But I missed some of the design updates to the web reports.

If you go to the search query report, you will see that Google cleaned up those charts by defaulting the report to not show percent (delta) changes in the report. Here is an animated GIF showing me turning on more details and turning them off:

Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries

I don't know if this went live the same time we reported the other changes but there are subtle differences here.

A WebmasterWorld thread has one user complaining the reports look unprofessional. But I personally like the look. Here is what he said:

They've changed the graphs and the number of keywords under the search queries from 10 to 25. The graph looks rather unprofessional, especially at the point when a peak is reached as it is cut off.

Functionality in this section has now been dumbed down, as you are required to switch from "Basic" to "With Change" listings to retain functionality. As with other Google services, advanced features have disappeared altogether or been moved.

Tedster, the WebmasterWorld administrator, said despite what you think, it makes the reports "more useful" and I do agree.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Andrea Moro

02/15/2012 02:24 pm

Yeah, the most interesting part results to be in the split between basic and with change ... someone there realized that having a bloody percentage of change around an imprecise volume was useless ... hence the basic method comes to be default as it was used to be :)


05/02/2012 03:50 pm

How can I get the "with change" to stay after I modify the filter and dates in Top Queries? When I change the With Change first, then make modifications to the filter and dates, it returns to the Basic results and no option to change. When I make the modifications first, the option to change to With Change is clickable. My stats period expires today - any assistance appreciated!!


05/02/2012 03:53 pm

Correction to Julia Comment below: I mean when I make modifications first, the option to change to With Change is NOT clickable. I blame the error on frustration! :)

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