A Google Update Is Happening (Google: Nothing To Announce Now)

May 9, 2013 • 8:40 am | comments (171) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

Google UpdateAn ongoing WebmasterWorld has a huge uptick in chatter around major ranking and search result fluctuation over the night. It seems from this and from all the complaints in the Google Webmaster Help forums that there is indeed some sort of update going on.

Is it Penguin, Panda, EMD, page layout or something else - or is it a wide-spread manual action or Google going after and devaluing a major link network - I do not know. But it does seem something has happened causing tons of webmasters and SEOs to take to the forums to complain.

This is fairly common days after I see an update brewing as I reported on Tuesday. It does seem like something is indeed rolling out and hopefully you guys benefited from it.

SERPs.com, SERP metrics and MozCast have all shown higher than normal Google fluctuation activity over the past few days as well.

Here are some comments from the WebmasterWorld thread over night:

Sure fire sign of a major update...

Seeing GIGANTIC drops this morning, woke up to 200 visitors over night, should be around 1200 by now. Server is fine. Europe appears to be asleep

Plus, as I said, there is a huge number of complaints from individual webmasters in the Google Webmaster Help forums.

So there seems to be a Google update happening. I will ping Google and see if I can get anything on the record. Stay tuned...

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: A Google spokesperson gave me a generic non-statement that reads:

We have nothing to announce at this time. We make over 500 changes to our algorithms a year, so there will always be fluctuations in our rankings in addition to normal crawling and indexing.

Update #2: On May 10, 2013 at 1:46pm EDT, Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts said on twitter that this was not a Penguin update. So we can cross that off the list.

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Praveen Sharma

05/09/2013 12:48 pm

Come on...leave Panda, Penguin behind. We are bored of these. Google should come out with some new gigantic animal this time, may be 'Google Dinosaur'.


05/09/2013 12:53 pm

Barry, I just saw your tweet. I'm seeing a drop of 10-20% for almost all keywords that were ranking 11-30. Anything in the top 10 hasn't moved. This is unusual activity for my site. Please keep us posted! Thanks, Danny

James Brockbank

05/09/2013 01:07 pm

I've not seen any drops this end!


05/09/2013 01:08 pm

I am bored by hearing Google Google Google. In interview i am tired of telling this kind of updates. Please stop updating. Give us some gap :DDDDDDDDDD

Johnny Bob

05/09/2013 01:49 pm

I have seen traffic drop by about 40% starting around May 1. Yesterday (May 8) has been one of my lowest days this years. The interesting thing is that while my impressions and click through for my major keywords seems to account for the drop, my position in the SERP's for the same keywords has moved up in most cases. Perhaps this is an update that effects regional searches....or maybe my total drop from the SERP's just hasn't propagated through all the servers yet.


05/09/2013 01:50 pm

Google Elephanta ...:)


05/09/2013 02:08 pm

Google Anaconda


05/09/2013 02:23 pm

Well hopefully it isn't Penguin or at least it hasn't completely finished b/c we didn't recover then..... Revoked Manual penalty 6 months ago and landed on Page 20+, moved to around Page 15 but that's not good! If it is Penguin then no recovery for us, guess time to move on - Good Luck All!


05/09/2013 02:24 pm

Soman, Feel free to not click through on the link that you are getting... But just in case you missed it... Google Google Google Google Google Google.

Matt Blay

05/09/2013 02:39 pm

I've so far seen an increase in ranking, a decrease in traffic and an increase in time on site and reduced bounce rate across multiple domains. From my point of view this seems to be having a positive effect on quality, who knows what will happen over the next few days, damn Google Lottery...............Good luck!!

Johnny Bob

05/09/2013 02:53 pm

As is consistent with what Matt Blay is seeing, my bounce rate has decreased 12% as well with the recent changes.

John Tarantino

05/09/2013 02:55 pm

I'm honestly sick of the Google monopoly...I've tried using other search engines for basic searches...but find myself crawling back to google for complex searches...there is no escaping the big G.


05/09/2013 03:04 pm

No changes this end.

Tyler Kerxhalli

05/09/2013 03:18 pm

Hehe, "crawling back"

Andy Kinsey

05/09/2013 03:41 pm

mixed results so far at our end, we are seeing smaller but higher quality sites in terms of content and design move up and larger sites down... traffic seems to be dropping all round though... that said there is a bit of flux today - seems to be our global ranking sites are being moved across the world so some places are up and others down, its interesting to watch even if its impossible to see whats going on right now ... wood for the forest and all that

John Britsios

05/09/2013 03:52 pm

I do see fluxes, but not as significant to assume that there is a major update rolling out. Not at the moment at least. Seems to me like they are only testing something. Last sunshine before a storm?

Gabriel Sita

05/09/2013 03:54 pm

I saw some google dance on a couple of my sites. This is an update, for sure.


05/09/2013 03:55 pm


Jake Holloway

05/09/2013 04:00 pm

I saw a very clear 30%-35% drop on May 1st in Google traffic across 5 sites (different TLDs). The drop has slowly decreased daily and now it's near enough back on track.

Mark Tillison

05/09/2013 04:03 pm

Uh oh. Here we go again. I sincerely hope you've all been behaving and doing things ethically.

Steve Peron

05/09/2013 04:09 pm

The sky is falling ....


05/09/2013 04:10 pm

Tremendous traffic recovery for my site! Up from 1.5k page views to beyond 3.5k already (2.5hrs to go till logging cycle ends)

Brendon Schenecker

05/09/2013 04:11 pm

Serps are dropping over here really getting sick of this crap!

Bryan @ Phone Tips and Tricks

05/09/2013 04:14 pm

Since last night UK time my hourly visits has dropped by around 20-30%. Not happy...

Holt Ryan

05/09/2013 04:35 pm

I'm tracking 560 keywords for our site, the tool also tracks the same keywords on competitors... I'm seeing our average rank go down with a decent link profile and competitors go up that are spammy as hell. Whoo go Google! Maybe not penguin related.


05/09/2013 04:43 pm

This is not new trend. Scrapers have gained ground in last 6 months big time. It seems that "scrapers up, originals down" policy is continuing...


05/09/2013 04:55 pm

At Barry, where do you get this stuff from? Mozcast.com looks normal today (although it did spike on the 5th which was 4 days ago), SERPs.com looks normal, SERPMetrics looks normal too. In fact all 3 of them show lower than normal fluctuation. I've been following WW for some time and there is someone complaining about their traffic and some Google update every single day. Just because one or two people have complained about rankings on WW doesn't mean there's a major update happening. Your article titles and Tweets are so scare mongering.


05/09/2013 05:22 pm

please help me out please tell me how i can increase my traffic

Clayburn Griffin

05/09/2013 05:30 pm

No. It's a secret.

Clayburn Griffin

05/09/2013 05:32 pm

If rankings are dropping, doesn't that mean rankings are rising? It has to balance out. Let's hear from someone panicking over their traffic spiking through the roof.

Barry Schwartz

05/09/2013 05:32 pm

First of all, 71 is not "normal." Second of all, I said it was tons of webmaster chatter, not just in webmasterworld but other forums.

Stuart Draper

05/09/2013 05:47 pm

I religiously track a few terms. The only change I see today is that the branded youtube channel dropped from page 1 to 3 and a spammy youtube video jumped from page 3 to 1, replacing the branded video. Most everything else stayed the same on the first 5 pages.


05/09/2013 05:56 pm

I only perform a real in depth checking of our keywords about once a month. As of May 1st, I saw some really nice gains in the organic SERPs. I did some spot checking on keywords that tend to fluctuate around and others that have been pretty stable and things are looking alright. These updates have proven to be very positive over here. I will keep an eye out for any traffic decreases but things look very normal.


05/09/2013 06:01 pm

Barry, on Mozcast, in the last 30 days, 9 have shown 71 or over. It showed 89 on Sunday to put things in perspective for readers. Today is nothing special. SERPs.com and SERPMetrics.com don't actually show anything. You said there was a 'Huge uptick in Chatter" on WW. There simply isn't.

Barry Schwartz

05/09/2013 06:02 pm

There is and look at the Google forums and other forums. Look at the comments here. As I said, this is not confirmed. I am still waiting on confirmation.

Victor Lava

05/09/2013 06:24 pm

gratz :)


05/09/2013 06:25 pm

Nothing in germany so far.


05/09/2013 06:26 pm

OK I'm not going to argue any further, but honestly I reckon you could pick any random day, state there's an update happening and you'll get 10-15 comments on your blog saying their traffic is down 10-20%.

Victor Lava

05/09/2013 06:27 pm

Sadly, I haven't ranked in the Google yet, so no problems for me :) All my traffic is coming from the social sites and it's quite impressive. Never thought that social sites could make such a huge impact for my traffic.

Barry Schwartz

05/09/2013 06:27 pm

Every day there are people complaining about changes in Google. Ranking losses and ranking gains. So I typically know what is hot air and what is not. I am human, I can be wrong - I am waiting to hear from Google. I'll update the post when I know either way.


05/09/2013 06:29 pm

I still see many sites with spammy links rank higher... pretty odd.


05/09/2013 06:41 pm

Really? A downvote because I posted my experience with the updates? That's a little saddening.


05/09/2013 07:12 pm

I evened it out. =)

Jack SEO Consultant - Eemes

05/09/2013 07:36 pm

which is the social site you get the most visits? and for which website & the industry?


05/09/2013 07:44 pm

You minx, you.


05/09/2013 07:52 pm

Facebook, Pinterest and Stumbleupon can drive SERIOUS hits. OMG My video once went viral on Stumbleupon and the traffic was crazy. Pinterest is full of consumers too. Facebook as we all know is the dominant force and a viral post on Facebook will keep your server pretty busy :)

Larry Kim

05/09/2013 07:52 pm

not sure why this is news if rankings are constantly updating.


05/09/2013 07:53 pm

How about Google Pigeon?


05/09/2013 07:54 pm

Google Sloth

Rob Kissell

05/09/2013 08:14 pm

What I want to know is how can webmasters get credible rank data overnight... not WMT or GA!


05/09/2013 08:24 pm

like that matters?

Chase Anderson

05/09/2013 08:31 pm

:: Insert random rank tracking software here:: - There's a lot more out there for rank tracking than WMT or GA.

Rob Kissell

05/09/2013 08:43 pm

"random" true. i mentioned the word credible. any suggestions? I take SEOMoz with a grain of salt.

Victor Lava

05/09/2013 08:49 pm

I am using Google+ and Dzone, works perfectly for web development niche :) btw, I think that the stumbleupon has some potential too for this niche, however I haven't tried it yet.

Chase Anderson

05/09/2013 08:58 pm

serps.com does well. Sheerseo is another option. Look, rank tracking isn't exactly what it used to be but it essentially is like a non-geo located search with no personalization. The value comes in the aggregate and long term tracking of the rankings reported by these tools.

John Britsios

05/09/2013 09:11 pm

My newest preference ranking tool is rankranger.com.

Dr. Peter J. Meyers

05/09/2013 11:09 pm

We often see multi-day patterns, so the 89 degree spike followed by 3 days of 70-ish is generally more indicative of an update than a random 71 degree day in the middle of a quiet period. Originally, MozCast was tuned to an average of about 70 degrees, but that happened around Penguin, during a particularly volatile period. By the original multiplier, our average day is closer to the low-to-mid 60s now. We're actually working on a re-calibration. I think Sunday kicked off something significant, personally, but we'll know more tomorow.


05/09/2013 11:20 pm

I just got wind from a VERY reliable source that Google plans to remove ALL natural/organic listings from page 1 within the next few months; everything on page 1 will be paid-for advertising. Page 2 and beyond will have natural/organic. This change is due within the next few months. This, if real, will have significant ramifications to SEO companies and small businesses around the world. Has anybody else yet heard of this?

John Britsios

05/10/2013 12:08 am

Thanks for the heads up Pete.


05/10/2013 12:22 am

That is because Google does about 500 updates a year so on average there is like 1.2 updates a day


05/10/2013 12:55 am

Thanks for the tip, Victor. Will check out Dzone. Google+ is golden but I haven't figured out how to leverage the traffic. any tips?


05/10/2013 01:07 am

That's complete nonsense.

Casey Dennison

05/10/2013 01:14 am

It's because you CAN rank with spammy links - look at the Youtube video ranking #1 for "make money online". It has over 40,000 spam links, and is just over 1 month old.


05/10/2013 01:21 am

People don't like ads. Do you think, that Google doesn't know that or do you think, that Google has suicide intentions ? ) Anyway, for the businesses it would be good. People would run from Google and stick with the websites. Remember, that Google acts as a mediator between people and websites ? But do you need Google for the news ? No. You go to the news website you like directly. Shopping ? Same. Entertainment ? Same. Most of the people have the bunch of the websites in their mind. We don't need Google in most cases. Then why do we use Google on regular basis ? B-e-h-a-v-i-o-r. If Google will be just the list of ads, then no doubt people will leave it. People don't like ads ) Btw, I believe that importance of the search engines will be less with every year. If person lives in one place, if person does same actions day-by-day, if person is familiar with the internet, then what is the search engine for ? Especially when SE offers you to visit same sites over and over. Sooner or later you will stick with the bunch of the websites. You will visit them directly. Probably that's why Google monetizes such aggressively, but for sure it will not commit suicide.


05/10/2013 01:29 am

My views are well down. I do nothing but write write write hard honest work. In my opinion it is not Panda, Penguin or any other update to target getting rid of bad sites. It is just Google opening up the gates to allow more blogs to get traffic. I got a friends blog that I wrote a few articles on it this one time...its getting about a third of the traffic my site that I work every day on is. Fuck You Google....seriously...fuck you


05/10/2013 01:42 am

mathew, it's not enough to write perfect content. Visitor will just suck it and leave. Yes, the visitor will be satisfied, but will she/he return? No, in most cases. You must make her/him return. And this is much harder than "write write write hard honest work". However this is the real business. It's very complicated. Games are over.


05/10/2013 01:43 am

What does that have to do with Google Traffic?


05/10/2013 01:47 am

Based on nothing but Google traffic, the stats of a third in my story apply.


05/10/2013 01:47 am

just be quiet and laugh


05/10/2013 01:50 am

Return is one of the major signals Google uses to understand how good is your website. The better it is, the more traffic you get.


05/10/2013 02:08 am

Actually a pretty insightful comment Anti. Normally your comments are you suck because your an SEO. Nice to read some decent speculation for a change.


05/10/2013 02:13 am

offtop: Just don't like unprofessionals.


05/10/2013 02:45 am

something i've learning in real life and works for the net too, dont be too sensitive over bad opinions or criticism. They don't play your winner cards


05/10/2013 02:49 am

sudden 130% traffic increase for my 4 months old blog, constantly 250 words articles published and a strong social media campaign. Also feedburner and twitter badges to improve returning visits. I'd say the 2 things Google likes the most is a constant social flow or increasing flow, and recurrency of visits.


05/10/2013 03:35 am

What I have noticed with all my sites, is that sites with good Social Media interaction have just shot up in rankings.


05/10/2013 03:37 am

People need search engines to d-i-s-c-o-v-e-r LOL. But you are right in some ways... If people keep getting predictable results e.g., Amazon and Ebay for shopping searches, ehow for how to's, stackoverflow for programming, then people will start going directly to those sites if there is nothing left to discover via Google. I actually got frustrated with a shopping related term that I was searching via Google because it kept returning the same site over and over again - a lot of domain crowding. I actually turned to Google because I was getting defective items from the authority site that Google kept returning. Go figure, I go to Google for help and they provide an answer that I already know... To make a long story short, the authority site was too big to fix the issues that I was having with the defective items. Instead of addressing the issues, they tell you to return the items for a refund. I basically needed a supplier that I could to talk to and try to get quality products from. I managed to find a small mom and pop that I was able to get good supplies from. Of course this was no easy task with all the Google filters standing in your way of those sites. So I needed to use "intitle:" and "inurl:" to find the site. Today I am still doing business with that site and would have never found them via the Google without "intitle:" and "inurl:" because the site has practically no links going to them... So to make a long story short, we need search engines, but we don't need search engines that are too scared to give us answers that we don't already know - if that makes any sense.


05/10/2013 04:22 am

part of Google alog

Nikhil Gavade

05/10/2013 04:41 am

I've lost 70% traffic from last night. My Key terms were in Top 20 for classified site and now I am not seeing in 100...!!! It's the signs of major update...

Luvnish A.T

05/10/2013 04:49 am

my long-time favorite is whatsmyserp.com. So far, so good. It is maintained by a soccer mom that sometimes asks us to 'like' a photo for their daughter's competition. Yet, that aside... the site is good, often updated, and they actually take your suggestions into consideration.

Luvnish A.T

05/10/2013 04:52 am

Cookies first.


05/10/2013 04:58 am

Indeed there is an update rolled out.

Alan Smith

05/10/2013 05:04 am

I am waiting for the update :)

Victor Lava

05/10/2013 06:16 am

Find a community in the Google+, which would be interested in what you do. Then produce a good quality content and share it with your community.

Shashi Kant Srivastava

05/10/2013 06:54 am

Yes, I am 99% sure it's google update --- my 7 client -website rank update .. it's good for us

Syed Waqas Bukhari

05/10/2013 06:55 am

i am waiting for the PR update, which is expected in this or next week i guess. what you think Barry ?

Sourabh Rana

05/10/2013 06:57 am

YES, there is major google update ,,,I am checking the health & traffic status of my projects ....


05/10/2013 08:03 am

Osea que en Google se está liando parda tronco?

Ricardo Pedro

05/10/2013 08:57 am

The update is running since 7th may and it is till running, I have been seeing more Google bots on my site....and this morning they are still there....I have noticed a little drop in visits from Google...

Jose Capelo

05/10/2013 09:14 am

something in the air!

Barry Schwartz

05/10/2013 09:38 am

Who cares about a PR update.


05/10/2013 09:51 am

Most of the people are not discoverers. They are followers. Furthermore, as you mentioned, modern Google doesn't allow regular person to discover even if she/he wants to. Pre-Panda Google was SE to discover. The algo was based on the links. Link is the path. Path leads to discovery. When algo is based on behaviors, then this is SE of followers. Google shows where the crowd is. Follow it. But even mediocre person will say her/himself sooner or later: "I know where the crowd is without the SE help". Those, who will be able to make a crowd around their web property, will stay in business. Others will be out. And sure it will help in crowd creation, if Google will turn into ads list )

Jack SEO Consultant - Eemes

05/10/2013 10:50 am

i agree with u victor. But Dzone?

Jack SEO Consultant - Eemes

05/10/2013 10:51 am

But i think fb, pinterest and stumble is useful for online stores, wat about business sites like seo providers?

Jyoti Burujpatte

05/10/2013 11:17 am

Hope for good ranking as well traffic this time

John Slimak

05/10/2013 11:51 am

We are seeing a lot of Geo Local being added into the national results. We are also seeing clients ranking 1 and 2 (Nationally) before change stay the same but #3 now is being displayed in 10th spot. Anyone else seeing this on their terms?


05/10/2013 12:06 pm

The UK has gone slightly bonkers, work agency side, anything with a strong Google+ is up

Victor Lava

05/10/2013 12:36 pm

I don't know why, but that Dzone just worked to me. Now, I am looking to LinkedIn. This one should have a lot of potential to my niche too.

Jack SEO Consultant - Eemes

05/10/2013 12:41 pm

Google is testing its index! They are testing barry - new things will come for sure wait and watch this may end :)


05/10/2013 12:52 pm

We're having the exact same problem John...


05/10/2013 01:33 pm

It was a "Panda interval". The ongoing refresh simply got to a point where it valued sites that were not in favor with previous Panda refreshes/intervals. End of story.

Johnny Bob

05/10/2013 01:40 pm

Uninformed webmasters and those that are preying upon them by selling bundles of links. There is still a market on link selling :D I think it's about 50 cents per 1 million PR7 .edu backlinks.


05/10/2013 01:46 pm

Advertisers care about PageRank. Link brokers care about PageRank. There's always a market.

Ismael Verón

05/10/2013 02:18 pm

Huge changes going on Spanish results as well! Not so good for me..


05/10/2013 05:11 pm

My thoughts exactly. I write and write and write, all my own content for all my sites. Result? Google downgrades my sites and upgrades scraper sites and mega corporations that are PAYING Google. Google is now the world's biggest scam site. Needless to say, I love Bing and Yahoo and that's where all my concentration is. Fuck Google exactly ::) I'm also in the process of removing most of my Google AdSense ads from my site. Making more money from affiliates now, so it's not worth it.


05/10/2013 05:13 pm

That's what they've been doing for months now. All links on the first page of most search results are paid for by TripAdvisor, Yelp, EBay etc. Let me set you all straight. IF YOU USE GOOGLE FOR SEARCH YOU ARE A MORON. You are aiding and abetting the world's biggest monopoly that is doing nothing but destroying small businesses while putting more money in its own pocket. STOP USING GOOGLE and move to Bing or Yahoo. It's the only message Google understands.


05/10/2013 05:15 pm

Don't even notice anymore. I don't worry about Google, just concentrate on Yahoo and Bing. Needless to say, my visitor count and page views has been rising.

Jim Christian

05/10/2013 05:45 pm

Looks like a good bump overall. Hope everyone gets the same!

Nick Ker

05/10/2013 05:52 pm

Clearly this is the work of Google's latest black & white animal update: http://goo.gl/nOVDS

Bradley Lewis

05/10/2013 06:02 pm

Care to elaborate on "Barry"?

Jim E King

05/10/2013 06:20 pm

GOOGLE 'NEEDS' !! a good updating. Particularly in the search engine relevance area. I have almost given up on GOOGLE search because it goes off on completely irrelevant tangents very early into the search, quite often on the first page.


05/10/2013 06:21 pm

yes, they planning to purchase wikipedia and put it at "organic top". so youtube, wikipedia and google local and + will be kings of organic search.

Adam Boulton

05/10/2013 06:22 pm

Link? Reference? ..... Guess??

Jim E King

05/10/2013 06:22 pm

I do everything I can to block BING & I only use Yahoo for one e-mail account. But then, I don't do much with Google beyond E-mail either.

Adam Boulton

05/10/2013 06:23 pm

Anyone that cares about PR is doing things wrong, and this update probably came knocking =)


05/10/2013 06:23 pm

it only question of time when bing or yahoo will become greedy as google. Now they copy everything, like hotlink full image photos/videos from our servers, and if they get a chance they will same evil as google. So we need new players, really.


05/10/2013 06:30 pm

1. google know well what they do, but they spamming our brains with lie. 2. It not good for business. It good only for google, and they really have this 'intentions' 3. We need to tell peoples about google become 'brands and ads engine' and not provides now search results. See photo in attachment.


05/10/2013 06:42 pm

Bing has better results (meaning less scrapers on top positions) than Google in my niche, however it will take forever for Bing to take over anything from Google. They are not international (just like their Ad network). It seems they don't invest much effort to really try so Google will continue to dominate even if they provide worse SERPs.

Adam Boulton

05/10/2013 06:48 pm

I can't tell if this was a serious post or not. I can't believe I'm even feeding this, but I'll bite anyway. This would never happen. People would stop using Google completely. I can see them using ads to take up more organic real estate, but only on SPECIFIC keywords where it makes sense (buy ticket to las vegas, get car insurance in seattle, etc). Even the latter move would be a huge bold and risky move. Doing this to all organic listings would be complete business suicide. And once people caught on (and they would pretty quickly), Bing would become the preferred choice.


05/10/2013 06:54 pm

1. nope, my brain is not spammed. If your brain is spammed, then this is your problem only ; 2. dependable ; 3. I don't need. You need, you tell. This picture is for idiots. If the website can't be found in Google, then obviously visitor already used Bing/Yahoo/etc to land on this website.


05/10/2013 07:02 pm

They tried a lot. For ex. many years ago Bing bought Ciao for crazy 100mio, with just one goal - to occupy EU search market. No lack. Then I read somewhere, that they spent huge amount on advertising. No lack. They tried, but they couldn't.


05/10/2013 07:10 pm

Traffic comes not only from search engines, it can be direct links, social networks, coupons, videos, etc. Not forget, not all traffic comes from google, bing and yahoo. I feel what now is search engines over-commercialization time, and they totally forget what really peoples expect from normal search engine. This sidebar button - just for peoples who have tanked site(s) and want to do something back. It hard to tell is it for good or bad, but it some opposition to search engines. If they care about their public image/reputation, they may be will do something (like explain why no normal blogs in serp, ads above fold in google, constant updates to get rid of small websites, etc). But I think not, because this animal updates continues when google keeps silence (except matt cutts words about only great content "like amazon & wikipedia" do).


05/10/2013 07:17 pm

Is serious. To be specific, the info was that they will leave Google Places in tact and that there will be organic, but not until the second page. Not sure if this will be complete suicide as they can manage to make the paid ads not look paid. The top center paid ads in the tan/pink box could remove the color box behind and appear organic, etc. Also, it's no secret they already removed a huge percentage of organic listing space in the past couple years. So, they've tested the waters and apparently they are successful so far with organic reductions, so why not tactfully continue if their margins are improving and the general public, not SEO gurus, may not notice. It can be done and if transparent to the general public then Google will make much, much more $$$.

Jack SEO Consultant - Eemes

05/10/2013 07:19 pm

YES the time has come! be ready


05/10/2013 07:33 pm


jeri jones III

05/10/2013 07:35 pm

What is happening? Penguin....


05/10/2013 07:40 pm

Did you recover?


05/10/2013 07:43 pm

I have recover..and you?


05/10/2013 07:57 pm

not yet but I guess Cutts say it's not Penguin update? you recover this week?

Jim Christian

05/10/2013 08:37 pm

Is it bigger than a breadbox Matt? :)

Adam Boulton

05/10/2013 10:32 pm

The public is becoming smarter. Believe it or not, the average joe does know about the top and side listings being paid. Granted, some people dont, but most do. The problem with putting everything paid is that it won't give people a choice anymore. We are creatures of habit, and having to click on to another page to get real organic, non promotional content would annoy the hell out of most people. Bing is already getting a decent foothold in the search market, this would destroy Googles credibility and popularity. This is all my opinion of course, but I just can't see Google doing something this stupid. They aren't going to try and fool the public by changing colors and pulling a fast one on everyone either. I think your source is pulling your leg.


05/10/2013 11:17 pm

yes, now it the biggest "ad search engine" in the world. amazon (even product not found pages), pinterest, ebay, all big brands under almost every query and number of google adwords ads per page was increased for additional 100% and all before organic serp. My congrats, even spammers at ffa pages not has such many of ad links. Another ads frontier passed, coming soon organic serp removal...


05/11/2013 01:10 am

Isn't Wikipedia already at the top?


05/11/2013 02:06 am

What do you expect? Most of the companies you named are part of the Internet Association. Look it up. It's the mega player's lobbying group (including Google) that claims to be the voice of the internet economy. They sure act like the wallet of the internet economy by wiping out small businesses and funneling as many online transactions as they can to themselves.


05/11/2013 02:14 am

wikipedia already in the top. but if they will purchase it - they will replace all top 'donate us' wikipedia banners to adwords ads and add few ad-blocks into content.

Frederick Gimino

05/11/2013 02:29 am

Dude, that would be PR Suicide. Bing would eat them for lunch on that one. Also webmasters would flock away from them by the droves! Don't count on it.

Frederick Gimino

05/11/2013 02:31 am

What if all webmasters fed up with google block googlebot in robots.txt?Where would they steal their content from then?


05/11/2013 03:57 am

Yeah, its true that huge changes are going on. I am a blogger from India, a huge number of my indexed urls in the google webmasters tool was de-indexed overnight and then after a couple of hours they again got indexed but in slight less number.

Imtiaz Ahmed Shuvo

05/11/2013 08:02 am

I guess its a great news for SEO guys.

Jose Capelo

05/11/2013 10:00 am

I've noticed some changes in PR and metrics this morning. Some of them have improved dramatically, which it is a bit scary.

Website Development in Chennai

05/11/2013 10:32 am

wait google will update penguin2.o this month within a few weeks :) By: http://www.socialbeat.in

Michael Gocia

05/11/2013 10:58 am

Google will come out with new updates which will show impact on PR of website. Any way Thanks for sharing such useful information.

Stephane Brault

05/11/2013 02:48 pm

I saw that almost 50% of my pages were dropped from Google's index. Anyone seeing something similar?

Stephane Brault

05/11/2013 02:49 pm

I went from 1200 pages indexed to 691 this morning.


05/11/2013 04:16 pm

ups ... "no LUck" sure


05/11/2013 05:29 pm

I'm book-marking this in order to reread it later. You're clearly well-experienced within this subject material.

Friv 4

05/11/2013 07:14 pm

Well, I hope you are happy. you've got managed to impress ME, the unimpressionable one. My friends can poke fun of ME for this. you probably did well.

Jack SEO Consultant - Eemes

05/11/2013 07:40 pm

I don't know if its the Penguin update, but i do hope google is testing its index with some new advance features. However barry i just got this one here tat within few weeks you gona expect Penguin 2.0 next gen https://twitter.com/mattcutts/status/332917182990258176 which means this weeks test is focused on Penguin. So let me say either by May 21 or by May 29 i expect a penguin update if what matt says is true!

Jack SEO Consultant - Eemes

05/11/2013 07:44 pm

I got some more news here: The next Google Penguin update could affect upto 5.0% of search queries in English. Oh my god is this is true, then i think its gona be a big major impact!

kizi friv

05/11/2013 07:55 pm

I want I may are the one to begin this comment string, however i am not therefore here's my wrestle your article. i actually am passionate about it. it is very attention-grabbing.

Kamal Batra

05/12/2013 04:18 am

why my blog's traffic dropped by 90 % in last 2 days. was it just because of any Google search algorithm update?i am very much unhappy with this.

Mark Behnken

05/12/2013 05:48 am

Very true. They are pathetic.

Mark Behnken

05/12/2013 06:02 am

They are pounding everyone in the arseHOLE. Pathetic company.

D Sullivan

05/12/2013 06:10 am

>> "Then I read somewhere, that they spent huge amount on advertising." You mean like buying traffic from Firefox and iOS like Google does? What is that you Googler scumbag? Google has a good brand, for now. People are talking about Google's updates to sell ads scam though


05/12/2013 09:31 am

Penguin 2.0 is not here yet? I keep hearing the sky is falling....bring it on Matt


05/12/2013 04:22 pm

2.0 will come into action within the next few weeks...The war is to begin :)


05/12/2013 05:55 pm

Blogs is gona get hit too - might be google is trying to now focus on CONTENT SPAM. Earlier Penguin was focused on LINK SPAM. Now might be like CONTENT SPAM in Blogs!

Stephane Brault

05/12/2013 08:50 pm

Kim Jong Un, is that you?

Guy E

05/12/2013 10:10 pm

The update is very similar to the Venice algo update in Feb 2012 from what I can see. I'm seeing lots of flux dependent on the location of the user.

Gregory Lancaster

05/12/2013 11:24 pm

Today I saw a huge drop in single word KW rankings. Check your Single Word ranks, That's what was affected IMO


05/13/2013 04:12 am

I also noticed high ranking fluctuation in my website keywords ranking and traffic. I think Matt Cutts must announce Panda and Panguin update to make all people aware about the points through which their website got affected. There must be an update last week. Although Google is not confirming but people did notice on ranking and traffic fluctuation.


05/13/2013 04:38 am

I'm innocent :D

Syed Waqas Bukhari

05/13/2013 06:29 am

Actually i do :) well thanks for your reply but i really wanna show some progress to my company

Justin Clark

05/13/2013 12:39 pm

I lost my website ranking with most of the keywords and my competitors site are performing well because they are running paid campaign. I don't know more about Google policy as what does Google want but i know that Google has destroyed most of online business through their updates. most of the webmaster are leaving the SEO job because of Google update they think that there is no stability for SEO now and Google will do as what he want. when i check some result i found that all are useless and showing those website which are not worthy.

Sean Murray

05/13/2013 02:06 pm

No movement for me. Waiting for the release of panda 2.0 as Matt Cutts said that would be rolled out in the next couple weeks.


05/13/2013 02:51 pm

Traffic is getting crazy: three month good, three bad etc. Im working hard in take out low quality content.

Rob Kissell

05/13/2013 05:34 pm

thanks for the sites!


05/15/2013 07:22 pm

Well, sort of... The ranking of the big brands (i.e. Amazon, eBay, Yelp, Wikipedia, etc.) goes up, but not necessarily SMB or mom-and-pop sites. The small sites keep getting demoted and the brands take their place...not other small sites, unfortunately.


05/20/2013 07:14 pm

The very next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesn’t disappoint me just as much as this particular one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read through, however I genuinely thought you would have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of complaining about something that you could possibly fix if you were not too busy searching for attention.

Stephane Brault

05/21/2013 02:04 pm

That would be Penguin 2.0, not Panda.

Amit Dwivedi

05/23/2013 11:12 am

It's not strange, the things are going as per the algorithms. keep maximum quality and get good results. My project ranking fluctuated little bit but its not panic. It would be normal soon. Thanks,

Srikanth Akella

06/27/2013 10:01 am

google should make a announcement that it also values pages with few quality external links...that would open doors to increase the value of the websites...

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