Google Testing New Type Of Top Results Bar

Aug 23, 2011 • 9:15 am | comments (10) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Google Top Bar

Wissam Dandan sent me a note on Google + that Google is testing a minor change to the top bar.

Let me show you the difference between the test and what we see now.

Current Top Bar:

Google Current Top Bar

Google's Test Top Bar:

Google Test Top Bar

The main difference is that it reads "Search" directly under the logo and has the number of results directly under the search box in much larger type.

Ruben also spotted this test and posted a video in Google Blogoscoped Forums. In fact, there are three variations to the test and here they are:

Again, this is a small test but it does push the search results down a bit, which can obviously have an impact on your click through rate.

Forum discussion at Google Blogoscoped Forums.

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08/23/2011 03:11 pm

Not a big fan of that. Waste of space. Will cost G. money in ad clicks surely...

Meg Stiffler

08/23/2011 03:22 pm

I agree with Colin. I wonder what the method behind their madness is... We shall see!

Jeff Loquist

08/23/2011 04:37 pm

Agreed. I don't understand the reasoning behind a change like this and it seems like it just clutters the page up unnecessarily.

Joe Youngblood

08/23/2011 05:30 pm

OMG google changing something? making organic results appear further down the page? NO WAY!

wab design agency india

08/24/2011 06:08 am

i an agree .and I wonder what the method behind their madness is... We shall see!..............

custom logo design

08/24/2011 08:03 am

Yes i have noticed this tool bar, and i think its better then before i like this tool bar.

John Shearer

08/24/2011 02:01 pm

Was up yesterday now its gone. Google is willing to experiment and quit quickly.

SEO Catalysts

08/25/2011 10:32 am

Google always do some kind of testing but this test will not affect the SERP. -SEO

john lewis uk

08/25/2011 11:15 am

yes i have also noticed that and i  think its a good move. I like this new display.thanks

seo liverpool

09/10/2011 08:15 am

I have checked it before some days and like it, and i personally think that it should be like this because its looking attractive and unique.

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