Google's Matt Cutts Wants To Give Ranking Boost To SSL Sites

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google sslAt SMX West Matt Cutts gave the attendees a few tidbits, one of those items was that making your site secure, encrypted, i.e. SSL enabled, is an important trend for 2014.

At the end of the session, I asked Matt if this means Google is looking to give sites that enable SSL a ranking boost. Matt Cutts shrugged his shoulders and explained that if it was his choice, he would make it so. But he said, it is far from happening and there are people at Google that do not want this to happen.

On one hand, if Google announced they would give a ranking boost to SSL sites, it would encourage a ton of sites to go SSL, which would be a good thing.

On the other hand, some older sites are hard to make SSL and they would feel at a disadvantage.

There are other considerations, such as those that sell SSL certificates would love it and it can have an impact on Thawte, Verisign, GoDaddy and other SSL providers stock price. So Google needs to consider that as well.

But as of now, despite Matt Cutts personally wanting to give a ranking boost to SSL enabled sites, it doesn't seem like it will happen for sure. Down the road, maybe, but from my impression, it is not that likely to happen in 2014.

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Stuart David

03/14/2014 01:02 pm

Something I have been weighing up lately for sure, but the pure implication of work is massive from our perspective (as you touch on). Its do-able for sure, but you hear quite a few horror stories about rank drop etc. I think if Google clear up the perceptions, and mainly, detail the pitiful of where you can really screw your ranking, it might go a long way in helping us make the jump in securing everything out, I personally want it!

Michael Martinez

03/14/2014 07:12 pm

They can pry my HTTP sites from my cold dead fingers.


03/14/2014 11:43 pm

I've had to ssl a few portions of my site to make it compatible with Facebook, I went the whole hog & made the whole site secure... don't go there people, don't go there, everything on your site then needs to be ssl as well, you can't have half http & half https - or everything falls apart. I had to remove the https from my main domain & then use a sub domain separately for the Facebook portion that I could ssl... confusing? Well try implement it then.

F1 Steve

03/15/2014 07:46 am

Right after they surgically remove your chin from your left knuckle

Michael Martinez

03/15/2014 08:20 am

I don't think that's possible. But let them try.


03/15/2014 11:38 am

My site is total HTTPS, So I've a good advantage now!...

Emory Rowland

03/15/2014 06:46 pm

"some older sites are hard to make SSL and they would feel at a disadvantage." I am so touched that Google cares about our feelings.

Emory Rowland

03/15/2014 06:50 pm

HTTP doesn't kill people. People kill HTTP.


03/15/2014 09:56 pm

thx for annother useless story berry

Barry Schwartz

03/16/2014 12:01 am

You are so nice.

Michael Martinez

03/16/2014 02:20 am

Non sequiturs don't kill conversation. Conversation kills silence.

Bhawani Garg

03/16/2014 04:12 am

Thinking of using SSL


03/16/2014 03:16 pm

Matt already pushed you down the stairs after moving all the cars in the parking lot. I am sure ripping your http site from your dead fingers is only the next simple step :)

Michael Martinez

03/16/2014 08:39 pm



03/16/2014 09:51 pm

Hi. I have a website. And i cant connect with ''https'' .. Here dont problem with http but i cant connect with https.. Its my website. Anyone can know fix it ?

Gracious Store

03/24/2014 02:58 am

I would have thought that most sites would have enabled SSL on their sites especially those dealing with sensitive data from their customers

Erno Horvath

03/25/2014 12:48 pm

There are huge differences between certificates, anyone can get an SSL Certificate eg. for and seeing the https the user could feel he is safe and Google can boost the rank just because has an SSL certificate? :S There are types of certificates where the owner of the site is verified, eg. Extended Validation SSL Certificates, that would make more sense to Google favour sites with EV SSL.

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