Google: No Special Indexing For Facebook Or Twitter Because They Can Block Us But...

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Google Social SearchYesterday Matt Cutts of Google released a video explaining that Google currently doesn't do any fancy indexing or ranking for Facebook or Twitter pages. He also said that part of that is they don't currently try to extract social data, such as the number of likes or tweets a page gets.

Why? Isn't it good data? Well, yea, it is but here is why, according to Matt:

(1) They don't want to start pouring engineering time into getting this data and then be blocked by Facebook or Twitter. In fact, Matt said they did it once and were blocked. I believe he is talking about when Google real time search was killed because of a deal break with Twitter.

So they don't want to spend all that time capturing and figuring out data that they don't know if they will be blocked from using in the future.

(2) They are worried they can't crawl it fast enough to keep it up to date. Social data changes a lot and fast, so it may insult someone if they change their relationship status from one thing to another.

But Matt adds they will and do plan on doing this in the future. Ten years down the road or soon? I believe we should expect it sooner than later. They are actively working on a subject authority ranking and this is a large piece of it.

Here is the video, worth a watch:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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01/23/2014 01:31 pm

lol love his tshirt "report spam" why when yours so good at detecting it? lol

Gianluca Fiorelli

01/23/2014 04:24 pm

I understand that Google can't get data directly from Twitter and Facebook... but it crawls sites like Topsy, hence can have an idea (we can discuss how much reliable) of what content shared socially is popular or not. At least, I'd work in that direction, if I was Google.


01/23/2014 05:53 pm

The DO crawl the sites directly already, they have comprehensive data: the point is the dont do anything special with it. Its just part of the regular crawl, to GoogleBot, its just like any other webpage. If they wanted could go to extra lengths to specially index, either to say, 'lets make sure we index everything' or 'lets extract X Y and Z from pages', or 'because this page is shared on facebook, lets boost its ranking'. Sort of like there is extra effort to extract facts from wikipedia (probably via freebase) to make the 'Knowledge graph'.

Aman Sareen

01/24/2014 12:25 pm

Seriously I m Not understand this guy matt cutts , why he is doing , Seriously i do not want to speak some abusive , but his shirt is report as spam make it true matt. But some where he is right

Elvis Hsu

01/24/2014 01:07 pm

second that... I laughed for about 10 seconds

Nick Murden

01/24/2014 02:40 pm

Sorry, what?

Carol Riley

01/24/2014 03:31 pm

Google seems to give Linkedin and Wikipedia "special indexing". I assume they are considered authoritarian and neutral by Google. Since LinkedIn monetizes its content that would seem to provide an advantage to people aligned with their model. Just a thought.

Ben Guest

01/24/2014 06:22 pm

Why would they? The goal here is to get people into Google +, remember? They are definitely picking something up. Just look at this result. A SERP that shows Likes and Talking Abouts:

Spook SEO

02/07/2014 07:59 am

@aman. You don't have the options. They are the Gods of internet.

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