Webmasters Feel Hurt By Google Shopping Move To Paid Placement

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Google ShoppingGoogle announced big news, they are doing away with Google Product Search and replacing it with Google Shopping. The name change isn't a big deal but the model is, they are going from a free product search engine to a paid one!

Danny Sullivan said this is the first time Google is removing a free product to a paid product. And it is upsetting webmasters and SEOs in the forums. I recommend you read Danny's article for perspective before I share the response by SEOs and webmasters in the forums.

Before I do that, so you know, this feature was first named Froogle, then named Google Products, then named Google Base, then Google Merchants, then Google Product Search and now Google Shopping (although it might have been named shopping also for a period of time).

Anyway, here is some of the reaction from WebmasterWorld and Cre8asite Forums.

Great, now they're going to charge for something that has been free for a very long time. Not that it really performed that well anyway.

Now remind me, why do we all just give Google our content to monetize for free? Google has no content without ours.

Google has, for years now, been consistently developing and promoting their own services to the frequent detriment of prior service partners and query return breadth. This is another logical revenue step... albeit one that Google, also for years, was at pains to label 'evil'. The humourous part of this are Google's attempts to deflect, even redefine, pay for inclusion: such behaviour simply underlines that they know they have finally closed the door on their business 'otherness'. The emperor has no clothes. The sooner Google-centric webdevs acknowledge this and undertake a realistic reassessment of their business model the longer they may stay in business.

My favorite, well, I'll embed it as an image:

Google Shopping Feedback

For more on how this will work and what it will look like see Danny's article and Google's blog.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Cre8asite Forums.

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Liv Jones

06/01/2012 01:52 pm

Wow! It's like what happened to the hippies. Tree hugging, computer nerds that spread peace, love and Google- turning into to corporate capitalists as they age. Something hasn't been right over there since Panda. Guess we just need to accept if "Google" can't avoid screwing us over, then there's not really much hope for America in general.

Ant Wakefield

06/01/2012 02:09 pm

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Webstats Art

06/01/2012 09:26 pm

People will go to facebook for help


06/02/2012 02:26 am

Webmasters are always feeling hurt and crying about any change. It's progress and this type of thing happens everywhere in life; live with it and move forwards, develop a new business plan. Don't be dependent on one source.


06/03/2012 02:14 am

I like this move!

Thomas Kane

06/04/2012 09:56 pm

Google is providing a great service to the world. It's a large company with a lot of expenses. Everything they have produced has worked out well for me. The product search included. Even if they charged 5%, I'd still be happy with the results. Charging just means they can keep the junk out, which is fine with me.

Jason Scott

06/06/2012 01:03 pm

If that's true then god is actually the devil and we're all worshiping Satan without knowing it.

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