Bug: Google's Search Results Go Missing For Some Users

Jan 10, 2014 • 8:24 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

google bugThere are dozens of complaints, maybe hundreds, of Microsoft PC users having issues seeing search results within Google. There are several threads but here is the largest Google Web Search Help thread with complaints.

It seems it is happening on several browsers that are on Microsoft machines. In short, Google is showing the user the number of search results found but it then hides the actual search results.

Google tried to push out several fixes yesterday but the bug is still an issue for many.

It seems that the only way these users can get it working is by disabling the "Instant Predictions" and then the search results show up.

Albert from Google posted 9 hours ago saying "We just put out a potential solution. Could you try again?" but it still has issues for many users as of this morning.

So if you can't Google's search results, you are not alone.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Update: The issue is caused by BullGuard, more details over here.

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01/13/2014 04:34 am

Firstly the issue is not about Microsoft PC Its about Internet Explorer (IE all versions) I guess the content needs to be corrected. And also if there is any thread going around on internet that does not mean that is the real issue. Don't know if this is deliberate or Bug, but here is a list of issues I am facing with Google Product when i am using IE (All versions) I spend all my time on web 18 hrs per day, i use every possible tools related to digital marketing and visit tons of websites constantly, using IE and Firefox, But i have installed many browsers on my system for personal use, But out of which i find issues only with Google products like Gmail, Adword Tools, Analytics, etc. when i use Internet explorer. I don't understand why my browser crashes or hangs or show misleading data when ever i check in IE. I have first found this issue in 2009 when i was checking ranking for some sites and it was showing different for him on IE and for me in Firefox. So this is nothing something new. But my question is why only IE and why not any other browsers, currently i am using windows phone and same issue there also my device super heats and crashes when i use IE with Google products like Adwords and analytics, but this does not happen with other websites which are more heavy and have complex queries running behind, they work smoothly. But when its Google product on IE then there is a big problem, I guess only Google engineer will have the answer, If they want to disclose it.


01/13/2014 11:46 am

Think I MS engineer might be better here, sounds like another of MS's dirty tricks to try and make their competitors look bad.


01/13/2014 03:27 pm

I am no MS Engg, i am a digital marketer sharing my exp, all big giants have their own dirty tricks. This is how they get big LOL

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