2 Weeks Later Google Fixes "Search By Image"

Jul 16, 2012 • 8:40 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Google Search By ImageJust about two weeks ago, the Google Search By Image feature stopped working for IE9 users.

Google offered a couple workarounds but those workarounds are no longer needed.

Google's Albert C. said in a Google Web Search Help thread that the issue is now fixed. He wrote:

Just a heads up, we've fixed the issue and you should be able to do these searches from the homepage again.

Honestly, I am surprised this one is fixed that quickly. Typically, issues like this can linger on for months and months without being fixed. I guess this was an easy one or bothered a specific Googler that was able to make a difference.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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07/16/2012 01:00 pm

hahaha... "I guess this was an easy one"... Google should read this one.. LOL :)


09/02/2012 07:35 pm



03/16/2014 09:12 am

I have never been able to do a "search by image" in IE. It only opens the image in the browser and the address has this: C:\Users\jarze\Pictures\barry-schwartz.jpg

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