Google Screenwise: Get Paid To Use The Internet With One Catch...

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Google ScreenwiseGoogle has "quietly" launched a new project called Google Screenwise, which is part of the Google Knowledge Networks program.

Google will pay you $25 for them to track your every move online. And you thought Google was tracking your every move on the internet already. But no, they want more.

Ars Technica reports that part of this program is not just installing a browser plugin but also installing a black box between your router and your computers. Ars posted a picture of the CISCO based box:

click for full size

Google says this will make the internet better plus you get "up to $25 in gift cards."

Google sent Search Engine Land an official statement:

Like many other web and media companies, we do panel research to help better serve our users by learning more about people's media use, on the web and elsewhere. This panel is one such small project that started near the beginning of the year. Of course, this is completely optional to join. People can choose to participate if it's of interest (or if the gift appeals) and everyone who does participate has complete transparency and control over what Internet use is being included in the panel. People can stay on the panel as long as they’d like, or leave at any time.

The folks at WebmasterWorld are insulted that Google is doing this for a few reason. (1) The pay is way too low. (2) The information they collect with this is overboard. (3) Isn't Google tracking everyone anyway?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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02/09/2012 01:21 pm

Only $25? In most industries this is called "bottom feeding." Then again I'm sure those people "click" on ads more than the average person. haha


02/09/2012 07:37 pm

A whole $25? If google offered me free wireless internet for the year, I'd consider.


02/14/2012 05:24 pm

Even if YOU don’t want to give up your privacy your neighbors might be doing it for you. If they sign up and add Google’s hardware they turn their house into a beacon for your entire neighborhood. Google’s done this before with their street view cameras in europe, they even claimed that they recorded and accessed wi-fi by accident when they knowingly set it up. Beware, and speak up if your privacy matters to you.


12/04/2012 12:08 am

I thought free internet is included? Huh well

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