Google, Here Is A Solution For Passing Query Data Securely

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Google SSL Search & Webmaster ToolsLast week, Google changed how they handle signed in Google searchers by defaulting them to SSL enabled Google search. This change set off the SEO and webmaster and marketing communities because this change destroyed the referrer data passed to webmasters, where it showed webmasters the search query used to find the site.

Google claimed it is only affecting under 10% of the searches. But as Danny Sullivan's Google Puts A Price On Privacy article over the weekend, it is likely going to be expanded to everyone. And the way Google implemented it, may be considered "evil."

That being said, if Google must secure all searches, they should do it to the paid ads as well.

But more importantly, we want the organic free results to pass query data to our analytics tool. They can securely pass this information through Google Webmaster Tools and into Google Analytics if they wanted.

As a WebmasterWorld thread points out, a "Fix for Google, How to Implement Referral Privacy Correctly."

Implement a system which uses encryption of the query string, with site owners given access to the decryption key (through WMT) that could be used with code available from Google - this key could also be shared with analytics programs to decode the querystring.

They already pass query data this way, just pass more of it. Then build an API so other analytics platforms can use it.


Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Felix Wbeer

10/24/2011 07:31 pm

why should they? They dont want anything compeating with analytics, webmaster tools, adwords or adsense....


10/25/2011 12:03 am

I imagine this will all be part of their premium GA package.

André Scholten

10/26/2011 09:14 am

Wouldn't it be easier if they use a system like the Google AdWords autotagging? Based on the autotag they can fill the GA reports.

Syed Hasan Mahmood

11/01/2011 01:08 pm

How could they relate to Users' privacy, while viewing and using data from GA all I could see is that, 857 visitors sent to my website using "mobile websites" keyword and that's it. I couldn't see anything prior to that. Now how could one associate it to users' privacy violation? as there are 857 visitors searching same keyword. 

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