Google Q1 2014 Earnings: Paid Clicks Drop, While CPC Holds

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goog earningsThis week, Google announced earnings and the buzz around the industry is that they missed their marks. Google blames the results on the purchase of Nest.

But I am always interested in seeing if there were more clicks on search ads the previous quarter and the cost per click changes.

Google said paid clicks dropped about 1% from last quarter, but was up 26% from the previous year. While the CPC, cost per click "remained constant" from last quarter, but decreased 9% from the previous year.

So while CPC prices have been dropping every quarter on average, this is the first time the paid clicks themselves have dropped from the previous quarter.

While Google made $10.55 billion in Q4 2013 on site revenues, Google made $10.47 billion in Q1 2014. Which I believe was the first time that number was down in a long time or maybe every (I just checked the past several earnings reports.

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04/18/2014 06:32 pm

NO.... it wasn't nest. it was "the weather" lol... A bad excuse, right out of the retail playbook...


04/18/2014 06:37 pm

Speaking of "the weather" just take a look at mozcast over the last quarter. Maybe supplanting decent sites with bad links with spammy sites/big brands, and search results/design in constant flux could be to blame? But, they would never admit that.


04/20/2014 01:02 pm

Wouldn't cold/crappy weather keep people inside and on google and other websites? Shouldn't they have benefited from the bad weather?

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