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Google +  Pages & SearchThe big news yesterday was that Google announced the launch of Google + Pages.

You can create a page now by going over here. I did not yet create a page because you can only own the page with a single profile and my existing Google Profile is in limbo because the migration tool is not ready yet. When it is, I'll make a couple pages and demand you all add them to your circles.

Here is a video demo explaining what it does:

There is really no point for me to write up a summary of how it all works. Danny Sullivan has two detailed articles on it:

Plus you can read a lot of the other articles via Techmeme. You should also read Scoble's complaints about the program.

On the search front, you can now do direct searches in Google for Google + pages. Here is a video on that:

I do not think the content on those pages are being indexed quickly by Google yet. I am sure it will be soon, but seems kind of slow right now.

Right now, there is not much discussion in the forums of why this matters. It is more about, I need to get my profile asap. Like I said, I'll get my profiles when the migration for my account is complete. Until then, I'll have to wait.

I am sure we will learn over time the importance of search and Google + pages in the near future - so stay tuned.

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11/08/2011 03:07 pm

I moved on... not waiting again for migration.  I couldn't wait for it.  I am just hopeful that my friends will re-add my profile (I'm sending messages to them.)   Reminds me of when Facebook pages came out.

SEO cupcake

11/08/2011 08:35 pm

I think it was about time that Google rolled out Google Plus for business. I can't wait to start my Google + Page!

Ashish Kumar

11/09/2011 05:09 am

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E-zu IT Security

11/09/2011 05:32 am

I think google gona put all into the social that is G+.    Which means if i need to search anything i don't need to go for the search engine   I can do it directly from the social network.  This is what google might be thinking for the future. I hope G+ will be the future of search & business.

Magento SEO

11/09/2011 06:18 am

to be very frank, I don't like Google+ at all. All I can do is wish Google Good Luck !

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