Google Bug Prevents Some Businesses From Verifying Businesses On Google Maps

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Google Places LogoA Google Places Help thread has several reports from business owners trying to verify their businesses in Google Places.

They want to verify their businesses so that the business can show up properly in Google Maps search results. The issue is, it does not appear to be working for all.

When some try to verify their business, they are getting errors. One said:

I recently put on a question about the system error that won't allow people top access their Google Place account page. (System Error: We're sorry, but we are unable to serve your request at this time. Please try back in a few minutes ) on 02/14/11

I've read through previous posts etc, but can't find a solution. This only happened when the page was accessed from another location, could that be the reason that it happens to anyone?

Since that post, several others came in with the same issue.

Googler Brianna said Google fixed the issue last Thursday, the 17th, but it was not fixed and the issue is still causing issues for some business owners.

Knowing Google Maps resources or priorities, I doubt they will be able to fix this or other issues any time soon.

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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02/22/2011 03:41 pm

I experienced a similar problem when trying to verify my company. First, Google did not call with the validation code (after telling me they would) and I had to wait 2+ weeks for Google to send me the postcard. It's been well over a month since I 'confirmed' the company, but for some reason Google says it's still 'verifying'. What's more, the listing I'm trying to add isn't even a new one. It's just a new address. Any thoughts or insight as to how I may be able to resolve this?

Adam Marsh

02/22/2011 04:09 pm

I get this error quite a bit. it's probably just an issue freeing up a line on their t's to make the verification call.


02/22/2011 07:04 pm

Ohh Places - when are you going to stop being so weird?

Chuck Reynolds

02/23/2011 03:24 am

AGREED... batched 15 locations up... can't even validate one... client says the phone hasn't rang at all... typically it takes within a minute or two for the bot to call once hitting the button... SO... currently up sh*t creek w/o a paddle right now.

Sam V

02/23/2011 09:32 am

Had the same problem with one of the accounts I took over, in that many of my clients listings had not been verified for well over a year. Spoke to my Google rep at the time and she recommended a bulk upload, which I completed to replace the unverified historical listings and which also provided a good opportunity to go through the account and check all previous information/bring everything up to date. Google says this only works if you have 10 locations or more (which I uploaded initially), however when new locations needed to be added, I simply submitted a bulk upload sheet with only 1 address; this was also pulled through and became successfully active within weeks, without the need for phone or postcard (which was not feasible for my client). Although the orthodox methods of verification are preferred, for bigger clients the bulk upload is a good way to get your listings working quickly.

Body Bronze Knox

02/24/2011 04:40 am

I recieved my Verification PIN 2 days ago & entered it in straight away. The verification letter said it would be up in 1 hour! My listing is still not coming up. WHY???

David S Foreman

02/24/2011 06:32 am

Buy Google, set up a customer support team and then ask them to fix it. Google does not care about individual businesses or customers, they care about revenue being spit out of an algorithm.

SEO Chester

03/17/2011 10:26 am

@Sam... Thanks for the bulk upload idea, as it worked for you this might be a way to try if having problems :-)

Peter Panter

03/26/2011 03:00 am

I verified my business months ago. It is still invisible. On top of that I get messages "Verify your listing" without any links to do so. The perfect red tape vicious circle from hell.

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