Google Finally Resolves Google Places Respond To Reviews Bug

Feb 14, 2011 • 8:22 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Maps

Google PlacesAfter months and months of complaints of an issue in map review replies, Google has finally said they fixed it for the last time.

In short, Google allowed business owners to reply to reviews within their Google Place pages. But it didn't work for all and the issue was supposedly resolved at least once, but was not. Around three months later, Google finally told us in a Google Places Help thread that it was resolved, once again.

Stephan from Google said:

We've rolled out an update today that should resolve this issue for users that were having technical issues posting owner responses. Responses that did not show up on your listings after posting should have been restored.

If you are still experiencing issues with this feature please be sure of the following:

1. That you've verified your listing using Google Places [1].

2. That you're logged into the Google account that has claimed the listing you are trying to post the response for.

If you are still experiencing the issue of being able to post a response but the response not showing up on your listing please let me know on the attached thread [2].

I guess we will find out for sure if it was fixed or not. I certainly hope it was.

Big hat tip to Mike for staying on top of Google about this.

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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02/14/2011 03:26 pm

What I don't understand, really, is how any major customer-facing bug could take so long to resolve. This isn't the only ones. We went for months with a broken Adwords Editor that couldn't handle extensions, for example. It was a nightmare. And the verification process for Google Places seems so broken to me (they need a paid Fedex option, stat) yet, 2 years on, we still have to deal with lost postcards at the bottom of mailrooms.

Ian Williams

02/14/2011 03:57 pm

I wouldn't worry about it. I currently own a bus stop and a bed and breakfast hotel.

Marsh Adam47

02/14/2011 05:18 pm

a paid FedEx option would be great... after you verify via FedEx, the listing should disappear from any other Place accounts.

Voiture occasion

02/15/2011 06:04 am

Its good to hear that bug has resolved. Thanks to Mike for the announcement of bug

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