Confirmed: Google Panda Update: The "Softer" Panda Algorithm

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google pandaUpdate: Google confirmed there is a Panda update going out now that is "more finely targeted."

There is renewed chatter in the WebmasterWorld forums about another shuffle taking place in Google. The consensus is that this update is likely Panda related.

We know Google has now slowed the Panda rollout to happen over several days and we also know Google will not confirm Panda updates anymore. We also know that Google wanted to soften the Panda algorithm a bit.

The chatter in the forum seems to back up the soften part where many folks, not all, are saying it looks like a Panda recovery has been pushed out.

Here are some quotes from the thread:

seen very big changes - clearly Panda recovery. Dramatic change on the 12th and sustained since. Average rank position, # of unique search terms driving to site both improved as well.

Major improvements here starting on the 12th and leveling off today. Traffic is now about 5% higher than 2012 after being 25% lower all year long.

Panda Cub update

Despite Google telling me they won't confirm these updates anymore, I am going to try to reach out and see if this is indeed the "softer" Panda algorithm being released. If I hear back, I will let you know.

Do you think this update is Panda related?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Graham Ginsberg

07/18/2013 01:04 pm

Very cute, sympathetic, empathetic, feeling, caring panda. Too bad about the Google logo. ALmost an oxymoron


07/18/2013 02:09 pm

I've got a penalized site on 9th July, does anybody knows what was it about?


07/18/2013 02:30 pm

Was it about baseball? Maybe origami? Or perhaps you have a site about monarch butterflies? Is it a plant, mineral, or animal?


07/18/2013 02:33 pm

I'm starting to understand why people come here for the gifs. The news is informative but the gifs make it great.


07/18/2013 02:41 pm

- Penalized websites get more traffic, - Internets bully no. 1 Matt Cutts Stopps bullying people with bad excuse of doing a 30 day no social media challenge, - Google takes the word "transparent" increasingly into their mouth Looks like Google is desperately seeking for friends after the PRISM affair.

Juggernart Games

07/18/2013 03:05 pm

"...very big changes - clearly Panda recovery." If you ask me, this contradicts to the nature of Panda as it is now: Google said Panda is now rolled out roughly once per month over a period of about 10 days to smoothen the process of changing SERPS. How could it cause "very big changes" from one day to another ?!? On May 22 Penguin 2.0 rolled out. About 50 days later starting on July 12 Penguin was refreshed. I can clearly see it at one of my sites. I posted a graph here:


07/18/2013 03:22 pm

or SEO services?

Martin Oxby

07/18/2013 03:40 pm

Was it actually a penalty (were you notified)? Or did you 'just lose' ranking? The two things can be very different.

Durant Imboden

07/18/2013 03:51 pm

No changes for our site (good or bad).


07/18/2013 03:55 pm

Interesting juggernarts. We were also Penalized by penguin 2.0 and see a little recovery starting July 12th. Silimar to your graph


07/18/2013 04:00 pm

For what it's worth: Have to assume that Panda nabbed some competitors, 40+ keywords jumped to top ranking from July 1st to July 17th. We haven't made any big changes lately except to keep producing quality content (and the new content doesn't account for all the 40+ keywords mentioned above).

Graham Ginsberg

07/18/2013 05:07 pm

Must be all those "natural friends" sharing your wonderful informations

Moshe Goldstein

07/18/2013 05:19 pm

Softer Panda my ass. Google takes away traffic for 2+ years, maybe give a few some of the traffic back and says "we're being nice." Look at Google's ad clicks tonight and see the truth, all our traffic has gone to Google ads. We need to support non-Google search engine like Bing, yahoo, Duck Duck Go (Great!) and even Blekko. Google has overstayed their welcome, now they are scammers. But Google is now desperate, word is spreading that they rigg search results and display to increase ad clicks, it's the best for the user, but best for "ad clicks." There was a major post on Hacker News and was repeating all across the web, minus on sites that Mutt Cutts controls. Barry and Danny Sullivan are a bunch of corrupt ass-wipes, every few months they have SMX conferences and Googlers show up and help them sell the tickets. By being "insiders" they fool losers into attending--for now. Last tip: don't listen to that loser and POS Cutts, he's a propaganda chief for Google, what he says doesn't matter next time the algo hits.


07/18/2013 05:23 pm

Barry the Loser hates beign called on so he deletes anti-Google messages, especially those that tell the truth about him and Danny Sullivan (both corrupt Google cheerleader$). FU Barry

Barry Schwartz

07/18/2013 05:24 pm

I don't delete your messages.


07/18/2013 05:24 pm

Now you let it in, I posted under my real name)

Barry Schwartz

07/18/2013 05:26 pm

No, I did not. Disqus probably blocked it automatically.


07/18/2013 05:32 pm

Sometimes a comment I leave won't show for hours and then suddenly it pops up. It can be annoying, especially since it almost ALWAYS happens with long comments, so I have long since learned to paste the comment into a notepad document before I post just in case it hasn't started to show again the next day. Also, I find that a nice grilled cheese sandwich with tomato really clears the sand out of my vagina, maybe you should try?


07/18/2013 05:35 pm

Which is funnier, your post or the fact that it is almost guaranteed to bring in lots of upvotes?


07/18/2013 05:38 pm

Eh, we have picked up a few good links (got a couple from nasa. gov and a few .edu links pointing our way) so you may have a point there. The links all point to our homepage and don't have any anchor text, but perhaps the trust those sites have helped to raise all boats. You have been helpful despite yourself, congrats on that and thanks for triggering the memory.

Lisa Hosman

07/18/2013 06:14 pm

I am happy to have a great Panda recovery a year in the making for one of my client's sites. I pick the gentler Panda over angry agro Panda anyday!

Durant Imboden

07/18/2013 06:57 pm

Maybe you should. :-)


07/18/2013 07:03 pm

Poor Barry's getting more and more haters. I love the conspiracy crowd, they make things fun.

Chase Anderson

07/18/2013 07:36 pm

The big changes are not from the more consistent and less manual roll out of panda updates. They're due to a change to the algorithm itself. Softening the criteria that causes sites to become panda targets.

hail the recovery SEO gurus

07/18/2013 07:40 pm

How is it that you are taking the kudos for your clients site when the reality is that only google can make a difference. Not you! Nothing you have done can be attributed to a recovery because like everyone else you have no idea what has changed. And by the way, google can switch off what it switches on in a nano second so don't celebrate too long. I really do hope your client recovers long term but it will be in spite of anything you have done.

Graham Ginsberg

07/18/2013 07:44 pm

Angry much?

Graham Ginsberg

07/18/2013 07:45 pm

Mine get deleted ALL THE TIME. But after I read them again, I wonder to myself if the world is any better off with it.

Graham Ginsberg

07/18/2013 07:46 pm

I give you down votes ethalon ALL THE TIME just for fun

Graham Ginsberg

07/18/2013 07:47 pm

"corrupt ass-wipes" Slander much?


07/18/2013 07:48 pm

90% of SEO is snake oil selling. To say that SEO is not exact science is understatement. If you recover, SEO guy will tell you that's because of his actions. If you don't, they'll tell you it's because of Google.


07/18/2013 07:53 pm

On 8th and 9th of July I did noticed that many of my buddies have some huge fluctiuations and couple of my clients, a big site that I have with almost 400 articles was hit. No notice, it was 301 redirected from an old domain :( I did tons of changes until then and nothing is changing, got just 20 visitors from Google daily :(


07/18/2013 08:03 pm

This is, unfortunately, very true.


07/18/2013 08:06 pm

I figure you do. Despite that, I think you are probably a charming fellow in real life, but are just bitter because after giving up the pharaoh job you didn't even get to make it into the promised land...that has got to sting.


07/18/2013 08:10 pm

Wow. Believe me, I know Google is in control. They have been in control from the beginning, taking their time finding all the redirects and removing pages from the index. I am not taking credit, just saying I am happy to have a recovery a year later. Yes, this could be fleeting, but can't people grasp onto the positive once in a while instead of focusing on the negative? You should try it sometime, it might make you a happier person.

Lisa Hosman

07/18/2013 08:24 pm

Wow. Believe me, I know Google is in control. They have been in control from the beginning, taking their time finding all the redirects and removing pages from the index. I am not taking credit, just saying I am happy to have a recovery a year later. Yes, this could be fleeting, but can't people grasp onto the positive once in a while instead of focusing on the negative? You should try it sometime, it might make you a happier person.

hail the recovery SEO gurus

07/18/2013 08:25 pm

When you say you are happy to have a recovery a year later I think you mean relieved. Why not share your recovery SECRETS with everyone so we can all learn what YOU did to free YOUR CLIENT from the evil clutch of the search monopoly. People will hang on your every word trying to figure out how they can use your MAGIC SAUCE on their own down trodden business. You will achieve SUPER SEO GURU status and gain lots of sales inquiries from lost souls. This Christmas could be bumper for you. New clients lining up only to be turned away because your workload has increased 10 fold.... ah... the dreams...


07/18/2013 08:31 pm

I wonder how many website owners paid seo companies thousands of dollars to recover from Panda with no results and now know all they had to do was wait for a little panda softening to come along and make the world right again...

hail the recovery SEO gurus

07/18/2013 08:37 pm

When you say you are happy to have a recovery a year later I think you mean relieved. Why not share your recovery SECRETS with everyone so we can all learn what YOU did to free YOUR CLIENT from the evil clutch of the search monopoly. People will hang on your every word trying to figure out how they can use your MAGIC SAUCE on their own down trodden business. You will achieve SUPER SEO GURU status and gain lots of sales inquiries from lost souls. This Christmas could be bumper for you. New clients lining up only to be turned away because your workload has increased 10 fold.... ah... the dreams...

Moshe Goldstein

07/18/2013 09:03 pm

Truth is an absolute defense in USA. They are ass-wipes and that can be proven in a court of law. As for corrupt, ask Danny how much he makes off SMX and his insider status helps him sell those tickets. Ask how promos and tweets from Googlers help him out in exchange for being a lapdog. Danny, Barry and Google want webmasters to be happy with a word from Mutt Cutts instead of promoting non-Google search engines--as Google ruins countless business by manipulating search.

Graham Ginsberg

07/18/2013 09:10 pm

ethalon, I have been to the Promised Land. Have you? Occupation of the land is one thing, while being a legit inheritor of the Land, is quite another. (The Land: Inheritance of the common man Hebrew, who is the follower of literal Torah) lol I am charming, while being angry at the same time. Anger is different to hatred and bitterness. Its not all consuming, just a motivator and a constant tapping on my shoulder. As far as Pharaoh goes: There are lots of Pharaoh's in all generations. You should ask yourself what is important. How will humanity and the earth benefit from your presence or rejoice in your absence.

Graham Ginsberg

07/18/2013 09:15 pm

"Goldstein" by using the following to describe a person, "corrupt ass-wipes" is not 'truth' as you say. Its opinion. It maybe ok to name a politician, being a very public figure as such, but a private person? Ouch I agree that 'non-Google search engines' need more promotion and lets get back to quality. Its attainable, even though quite daunting when looking up at the beast. But nothing good comes easy. Why not focus on whats good in search engines in general, vs being concerned about 'chatter' in what Google is fartin about

Cyriljohn Escol

07/18/2013 09:19 pm

I've heard from a source that a "Zebra Update" is now in effect. All sites have now 0 Index. You can try checking it out. If you also check your Google Analytics its all zero. What happened to Google? Now is the time to shift to Bing or Yahoo search engines haha.

Chase Anderson

07/18/2013 09:19 pm

Panda isn't gone. Not everyone recovered.

Graham Ginsberg

07/18/2013 09:20 pm

I don't rely on Google anymore. Its no longer my friend.

Chase Anderson

07/18/2013 09:27 pm

If you operated a website about a 3rd party whose people with significant social influence included your opinions in public, your pocket book would keep you reasonable. That doesn't mean you wouldn't offer legitimate criticism as your aforementioned personalities do consistently. How dare someone be better than you at establishing legitimate relationships and meaningful content that makes them successful. They're obviously wrong and evil to boot.

Cyriljohn Escol

07/18/2013 09:34 pm

You're right. Why should businessmen have so much respect on the big G when what they did put the small businesses at too much risk of closing due to heavy losses. WTF!


07/18/2013 09:39 pm

Small business = big business for Google and all other huge companies. Majority of the businesses out there make money (maybe even most of their money) off of the backs of small businesses. This is why many small businesses go out of business because greedy businesses such as Google suck them dry.

Graham Ginsberg

07/18/2013 09:47 pm

I got the WTF part, the rest didn't make any sense... sorry non-comprehend All I can say is that the world looks a far brighter place without a Google on the horizon


07/18/2013 09:53 pm

I notice that Matt Cutts is using the T word (transparency) in his videos lately, as in "We're trying to be or at least appear more transparent but were not going to tell you anything that helps you." Maybe he will give in and tell you whether it's actually a Panda rollout – or not.

Moshe Goldstein

07/18/2013 09:57 pm

asswipe is not even actionable, just like "moron" or "idiot". Danny Sullivan is nto a private person, he's a media whore, shilling for money, the opposite of a private person. The last thing that corrupt POS, Danny Sullivan wants is someone to go through discovery...all his contacts with Mutt Cutts and other Googlers.

Graham Ginsberg

07/18/2013 10:02 pm

"Goldstein" I think there is more to your hatred of these fellows than selling tickets and being clandestine insiders. And who isn't a media whore these days? Seriously So what is the root of your angst?

Graham Ginsberg

07/18/2013 10:05 pm

I try to be a follower and go NEGATIVE. But, I am far more neutral than most staunchly negative activists.

Steven Jackson

07/18/2013 10:23 pm

No luck so far with my almost 16 year old car review site, which Barry very kindly wrote about on Nov 14, 2012 (20 Months Later A Panda Victim Continues To Fail). As I'd had a temporary recovery before, I was perhaps a little too hopeful that the upcoming changes would help, but no such luck. I'm still mystified about why my reviews site is penalised, when other similar sites rank very highly. Though I can't prove it, it does seem like Google's current algorithms treat big brand sites very differently from the rest of the web. More transparency with this most opaque of algorithms would be helpful, but after almost 2.5 years, I'll be amazed if anything changes on that front.

Seo Hop

07/18/2013 11:59 pm

Honestly @barry with this much change in rankings it looks like a penguin recovery which is harder to recover from than panda . Panda recoveries seems to happen much more frequently


07/19/2013 12:46 am

I like It is a small G. ;) Anonymous and uncensored! Way better and faster cause it doesnt have all the spying cookies

Carolyn Sans

07/19/2013 12:51 am

Yeah, I have used it and I like it better than the Big G, you can easily sort by date or relevance. It is based on Google but with Proxies and some cool other features including https, I actually heard you can rank in their news section by emailing them directly and sending your article.

Jack SEO Consultant - Eemes

07/19/2013 01:48 am

True panda works. Traffic increase can be seen on many keywords! I feel GOOGLE has tuned back Panda. Now that's quite interesting to study how Google does this? This where we need to study about Google! I can see that there is increase in blog traffic on July 17

Durant Imboden

07/19/2013 01:56 am

They've said that Panda is now more "finely targeted," which isn't quite the same as "softened." (More like a rifle and less like a shotgun, to use a red-blooded American analogy.)

Soni Sharma

07/19/2013 04:48 am

Yes.. Noticed a lot of fluctuations in traffic. Some of my websites get higher traffic today.

Stephen Moyers

07/19/2013 04:55 am

Hey I have also seen some changes in SERP. But now it seems to be positive.

Atul Chaudhary

07/19/2013 04:57 am

Ranking for 8-9 keywords jumped to 500+ position to 30-35 position...Definitely its soft panda updates.


07/19/2013 05:08 am

Thanks for your opinion anonymous troll. Have fun in your grandma's basement.


07/19/2013 06:24 am

As I can see Google is encouraging website owners to pay Google and use Google ad-words. By jeopardizing organic rankings. Anyone knows why Google chose black and white animals for their algorithm update?


07/19/2013 06:42 am

Overall this panda update has lot good then bad one for webmasters as I am seeing here many have seen improvement in rankings.

hail the recovery SEO gurus

07/19/2013 07:39 am

Spoken like a true anonymous troll ...LOL. Now go and burn some books.


07/19/2013 10:51 am

By all means be controversial and challenge what you read here, but childish, anonymous name-calling is pathetic.


07/19/2013 10:56 am

If I were Barry I would block them simply so that the comments are constructive with people providing evidence for their ideas. Nothing wrong with different opinions, but I hate having to cut through the swearing, name calling and illiteracy from anonymous trolls. Why do you keep them in Barry?

Dusmanta Samal

07/19/2013 11:41 am

Beware " Black-hat SEO Companies"


07/19/2013 12:05 pm

Hope for the best to all the websites effected from previous Panda updates and done good efforts to come back.

Barry Schwartz

07/19/2013 12:17 pm

Because soon you will just ignore them without even noticing. Also, most of them are grouped like these, so they are easy to skip over. I'd love for one of these guys to say this to my face one day. I'd love to see it.


07/19/2013 12:17 pm

Zebra update? All sites now have 0 index? What are you even talking about?


07/19/2013 12:23 pm

Um, I was just making a joke about your avatar...


07/19/2013 12:28 pm

Probably didn't notice but most of us here are small business which is why your comment doesn't relate to us. Since your boss can afford to pay you to slack off on SERoundtable all day, I can only assume that he or she can also "afford" to get links from the sites mentioned in your comment. Bragging about that is like a Walmart employee saying to a mom and pop shop owner: hey *we* increased sales this month by about 20%. Why not talk about *your* website? You hinted at one time that you might have one so how is that going? Any links from nasa there? Any increase in keyword rankings?

Graham Ginsberg

07/19/2013 12:41 pm

So now you're racial profiling? That sounds racist. Do you work for Obama, the CIA, NSA, FBI?

Graham Ginsberg

07/19/2013 12:48 pm

I do good efforts and don't come back from Google. I do no good efforts and still show well on all other search engines. Doing good efforts is not the issue. The issue is that GOOGLE HAS MADE EFFORTS OF THEIR OWN to maximize their profits, while destroying search quality. There is nothing wrong with my sites. There is everything wrong with Google. Did you know that Google's 1st employee, who used to be listed as such on Google: Current Development: Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Craig Silverstein, left Google in 2012? Yes, Craig Silverstein left Google. Duh, wonder why

Graham Ginsberg

07/19/2013 12:58 pm

I looked at It finds stuff, but don't like that paid ad's are same color as naturals. Also their pictures representing each site is confusing. On the positive side, major businesses aren't stuffed on top and not many duplicate domains in each search.

Graham Ginsberg

07/19/2013 01:01 pm

I post anti-Google stuff all the time. I am KING ANTI ANTI is my middle name


07/19/2013 01:12 pm

Over at SE Land, your other site, the comments never contain this rubbish. Are they more strongly moderated over there? Anyway, I prefer SE Roundtable despite the clowns in the comments.

Barry Schwartz

07/19/2013 01:19 pm

Yea, we are stricter over there.

Durant Imboden

07/19/2013 03:03 pm

"Yes, Craig Silverstein left Google. Duh, wonder why" Two's company, three's a crowd?


07/19/2013 03:06 pm

I wonder how many people have slipped into the habit of using Bing recently. I spend a lot of time on google's treadmill chasing their "favour", yet more and more these days I use bing for my personal and business web-search use. With my "users" hat on, and my SEO hat left on the peg, Bing igives me better general search results. I agree, google is making organic search results difficult for SMEs, probably to squeeze them into paying for clicks.

Graham Ginsberg

07/19/2013 03:16 pm

If as you say "Two's company, three's a crowd?" was a problem, it would have been solved very early on. Google has had Craig Silverstein for a very, very , long time. 14 years to quote an article. Longer than most American marriages, both gay and straight, I may add. So I think your assumption incorrect. To quote an article: "He said Google became larger than he ever thought he'd be comfortable with" Now that says something. Craig was also the SEARCH ENGINE GURU. It says Google has become something the founding fathers didn't imagine Something other than what Craig Silverstein had wanted and possibly something most of humanity doesn't want. 2008: "We need to make search as good as a human answering a search request," Silverstein said. "We need to be like the computer on 'Star Trek,' and we are very, very far from that." Silverstein took issue with the idea that an employee can no longer make as big an impact as before. Silverstein's last day as Google's director of technology was 10 Feb 2012. Penguin, the Google filter that destroyed untold millions of small businesses, hit on 24 Apr 2012. Craig obviously knew the impact Penguin would have on so much of the business world and the poor search results that would follow. This is the reason, IMO, he left. Good for you Craig!


07/19/2013 03:39 pm

Everything is true except one part. I would change the 90% to 99.99%.


07/19/2013 03:43 pm

I didn't know Moses was a race.


07/19/2013 03:46 pm

Your assumptions are way off base. Sorry.

Chase Anderson

07/19/2013 03:51 pm

Actually, they initially used language to indicate it had been "softened" Matt Cutts said: "We are looking at Panda and seeing if we can find some additional signals, and we think we've got some to help refine things for sites that are kind of in the border zone, the gray area a little bit, And so if we can soften the affect a little bit, for those sites, that we believe have got some additional signals of quality, that will help sites that were previously affected - to some degree."

Graham Ginsberg

07/19/2013 03:55 pm

There is no doubt that Craig Silverstein was an idealist when it came to designing the Google search engine. It was of primary importance to him. To make the request as simple as if the computer was human. The perfect search engine. Craig Silverstein left Google likely because the focus of Google has not, since about 2012, been a perfect search engine, but what is good for Google. Can you imagine the Google board meeting to discuss Penguin? Craig Silverstein: Penguin will not produce quality search results and harshly penalize websites without a way to recover. It will destroy millions of lives in an instant. Google Management: We will forever punish spammers and focus on big business. Spamming is destroying the internet. We at Google are no longer a start-up, we're BIG. We relate to big companies and that is what our focus will be. Craig Silverstein: All my work will go down the drain. When you focus on big companies, you compromise the best search results. It seams like Google is more about profits than common sense and fairness. Boy have things changed. Hellooo. Can you hear me? I am Craig Silverstein, the guy that got you the best search results to compete with Microsoft. Remember me? Anyone? I quit Google Management: Fine. We don't need you now we're big and rich. Disclaimer: Totally fabricated and Fictitious debate.


07/19/2013 04:10 pm

But he was totally ok with the Google results when they were being dominated by crappy sites spammed into the results by 'SEOs'?

Spam and eggs anyone?

07/19/2013 04:20 pm

The fact remains that the SERPS are better with the spammers. Let's face it, spammers want to be on target as much as the next guy otherwise what is the point. The reality is that spam sites (according to googles idea of spam) provided a darn site better set of results than you get today. Unless of course you compare the adwords ads because they are FANTASTIC! What google calls spam and what we all know to be spam are about a million miles apart. Anyone who has ever done anything to gain a link for the sake of the link is a spammer in googles eyes. That's about 99.9999999999999% of people who have ever visited Barrys site.

Woody Phillips

07/19/2013 05:04 pm

Bingo! You nailed it.


07/19/2013 05:41 pm

I will not argue with you about the SERP prior to Panda, because for me it was really more useful than now. But I call you to be more in depth in your analyze. The problem was not in the spammers by themselves. But in the amount of spammers grow every month. You must understand, that every action from every spammer required certain resources from Google to count this action (crawl, process, etc) Google is huge, but even it has limited resources. When everyone can produce millions of actions from home based laptop, then it's the matter of survival - Google or spammers. What will you do being in such situation ?

Spam and eggs anyone?

07/19/2013 05:58 pm

It all depends what you believe a spammer is. You see, google has hijacked the word spam and turned good honest hard working folks into what it calls spammers. The same people that make the US tick over, google has evangelically called out as thieves and spammers. All the time google has been calling others thieves and spammers it has been helping itself to the coffers of almost every country it sells in by aggressively avoiding tax. Taking money from the poor directly by not paying it's fair share. So while google can play God and very much believes that's its rightful position, it can reign down as many plagues and famines on it's subjects as it's pleasure requires. Rather than playing God with good honest hard working citizens, the big G should perhaps tell people what it feels they have done wrong so they at least get a chance to put it right. The momentum towards anti google is growing, just like the positive google love grew at the start, it was slow but then it snowballed. Google will be judged for their theft and abuse and people will start to vote with their feet. We are just not there yet. Google with it's share of the market does not make a healthy internet ecco system!


07/19/2013 06:02 pm

Go make a difference, start using Bing!

N Patel

07/19/2013 06:02 pm

The biggest crook is Amit Singhal, he has absolutely no morals or ethics (Brings shame to honest Indians). Under his "leadership" Google started the biggest manipulation and theft in US, even bigger than Bernie Maddoff. Amit took Marissa Meyer's job, she quit and wouldn;t agree to manipulation and deceiving users.. Google now is a scam factory, everything possible is done to increase ad clicks and to force websites to advertise. All illegally

Spam and eggs anyone?

07/19/2013 06:18 pm

Flippancy shows a lack of education and basic understanding of the issues. I am already using another search engine because like others are finding, the results from google are really frustrating. The problem I have like most others is that of habit. It's hard to stop using something you have brainlessly done without thinking for 10 years. It takes effort to break that habit. People will break their habit though because they will make a stand. They will make a stand for good honest decency over corporate theft and greed. A stand for the small businesses that really drive the world economy. The man in the street sides with the underdog. Google started a war with the very people that made it what it is today, good honest small businesses. If you want to be on the side of greed over decency, that's your business.


07/19/2013 06:45 pm

If you go back to using your medication, it may solve your problems or is Google messing with your medication too?

Spam and eggs anyone?

07/19/2013 07:00 pm

It would be nice to get a reply from someone with more than 1 brain cell. What is the village doing without you tonight Fedor?

Graham Ginsberg

07/19/2013 07:10 pm

Google started with 1 computer. Now they have probably a million. Google worked with spam and spammers starting out. Their little computer handled it just fine. Google just got so big it though it could change the way people think. That, so u know Google, is impossible to change. UR not GOD and even GOD couldn't change how people think. We are what we are. Either work within the system, as imperfect as it is Google, or find something else to spend your efforts on.


07/19/2013 07:32 pm

Let me give you a hint... You sound freakin crazy and I was bored, so I responded. I thought you'd get the hint that no one will respond to a crazy person rambling on about conspiracies. The same reason people don't talk to you when you talk to yourself. Just ask yourself, what type of person does it take to write the type of lunacy you're spreading and not only expect people to be in the same alternate reality but to respond to you in an intelligent manner?

Spam and eggs anyone?

07/19/2013 07:47 pm

You sound like a FREAKIN spotty teen. This conversation is for grown-ups. I would not expect a spotty teen to understand but I would expect a spotty teen to make stupid comments. You can go back you your xbox now.

Durant Imboden

07/19/2013 08:23 pm

"I wonder how many people have slipped into the habit of using Bing recently." Not many, if comScore's June, 2013 figures are any guide: Bing gained slightly from May to June, but not at Google's expense: The loser was Yahoo! (and, indirectly, Bing, since Yahoo! uses Bing results and Yahoo! lost more than Bing gained).

Adam Finan

07/20/2013 12:39 am

Its a game.. You used to be able to beat the big G but it is smarter now and more hungry for profits.. Google will do whats best for Google.. All you can do is try to adapt and overcome..


07/20/2013 02:46 am

google is spam of internet. it spam peoples with wikipedia, youtube, scrapped answers, amazon and other sites. it nothing more than scrapper who dictate rules to internet


07/20/2013 02:48 am

because google become bloody money making machine.


07/20/2013 02:52 am

agree with you. And this penguin & panda updates created for google bloody reputation, and it begin of end of google era.

Patrick Coombe

07/20/2013 06:12 am

so very well said

Craig Hamilton-Parker

07/20/2013 10:11 am

My online business was trashed by Google Panda and Penguin so I now spend the spare time this has opened doing something positive: writing to politicians about my plight and explaining how the Google algorthyms are bad for small business. It is clear from the replies I get that most politicians have zero understanding of the issue so a clear explanation helps add momentum to clipping Googles wings. I write real letters - not emails - and am currently focusing on European Commission. You guys should do the same - it would not take many people with real expertise and clarity about the issues to change things. Send one real letter every day rather than tweak code.

Plus Size Savvy Mom

07/20/2013 10:15 am

Hi, I was driving more than 250 visitors on my single page PLUS SIZE MODELS. But yesterday there was just 30 visits and when I checked my ranking my page is not in search results but my homepage is showing instead of model page. What happened to my Model Page. I can't found it in Google search engine. If Google has de-indexed my page. If yes, then why. Please help me regarding this. Thanks, Cristina

Kamaldeep Singh SEO

07/20/2013 12:10 pm

But I don't get any update regarding Panda. and I did not lost my project ranking.


07/20/2013 01:03 pm

Hire this guy : He knows what he is talking about and has the personal server. It will cost you just $$$. But be careful - he has the power. Hopefully you'll be able to find your Model Page soon )

07/20/2013 01:26 pm

Hi Google depends by web sites and need them, not vice versa.


07/20/2013 01:55 pm

What's so way off? The company that you work for is getting linked to due to how big they are and the companies that they have connections with - it's not what you know but who you know. Post that same high quality article on your personal blog and see if you get the same links.

Durant Imboden

07/20/2013 05:05 pm

Yes, that's what Matt Cutts said back in May. I was quoting what Google said about the latest Panda update.

Durant Imboden

07/20/2013 05:42 pm

It's a symbiotic relationship, like birds cleaning the teeth of crocodiles. The crocodile benefits from the birds, but the birds need the crocodile, too.


07/20/2013 06:34 pm

Hi Cristina, do a site:search for your model page in Google...that way you know whether it is still in the index. Which it probably is, but your site just tanked.


07/20/2013 06:35 pm

Adapting means get your Adwords budget ready...


07/20/2013 06:39 pm

Totally fabricated but totally legit... Google favours the big brands nowadays, the same people that spend huge sums with Adwords. Although Panda puts most sites in the place they should have been in the first place (and for a long time), it does not make relevancy in the SERPs better. (relevancy yes, but not to the search query anymore...more to the size of the company.) Sad times ahead...

Chase Anderson

07/20/2013 09:15 pm

That's sort of the point. This was most likely the update Matt was referencing in May.


07/21/2013 01:00 am

She had a canonical tag issue. :-)


07/21/2013 08:44 am

what are you talking about? he's right, or at least he's got a point...there is no conspiracy, it's a fact!

Googlers Lie

07/21/2013 11:08 am

Rule #1: Google is rigged, they manipulate SERPs to increase clicks on ads and to force sites to advertise. The algo that generates most clicks is taken live, that's why you see wikipedia on top, a domain with 9/10 results on page one etc. It helps google make money. Rule #2; Google is extremely greedy and is going to run itself to the ground with a year or two, it's going to be 110% ads. Rule#3 : Ignore paid liars like Matt Cutts. He gets paid to lie and to confuse webmasters. What he says doesn't matter, what the algo does matters. Rule#4; Promote non-Google services, like DDG, Bing, Outlook, Fastmail etc. Google is rigged, respects no privacy and is all ads. Rule#5: Barry, Danny Sullivan etc only parrot what Matt Cutts says without questioning him, they are not on the side of webmasters. Being "Google Insiders" is profitable for them.


07/21/2013 10:46 pm

Googlers lie is right on.... look at the top ranking sites and the ads they show!, they use adsense for search, which google keeps a larger piece of the pie 49% vs %32 percent... add that buy millions or even billions of seachers... so if you dont click on google youll click on the abouts and ehows, which are using the search ads not the display ads. Also if you create the content and a writer from the content farm sites scrap your content, google assumes you stole the content... Build links and partnerships and block google from using your content ---> google be gone If you noticed this past earnings for google were lower then expected... which is why panda came out... so dont believe them when they say adsense and search are not related...


07/22/2013 04:54 am

On this post, there is no country is targeted?


07/22/2013 06:27 am

Perhaps it's time to move on to new search engine which respects privacy.


07/22/2013 08:26 am

or something even better than Bing, Google and Yahoo together,

Lured Alice

07/23/2013 05:33 am

Do as the google requested! everything will be okay!

Allen Mark

07/23/2013 07:23 am

what is your site address?

Maneesh Rai

07/23/2013 12:05 pm

I don't know what they are up to, but things that i have analyzed in past few months working on.. is if you post a content on your blog in the root page of your website, than the blog page is not visible at all but if you post the same content on some doc sharing site or ppt or any where else then you can find your content with search terms tagged in their.and the site sharing that document say slideshare or any other ...instead the original content from your site.. have changed the whole strategy ...its working now..keep on updating Mr Google .... the only way you will make people learn more and more what they can do to rank well........ ;)

Jake Addams

08/11/2013 06:14 am

Sorry Craig, The government has no business forcing google's to do anything. If you don't want Google to endanger your business, do not rely on them and focus your efforts elsewhere.

Craig Hamilton-Parker

08/11/2013 09:56 am

Problem is that the freedoms of the net have become compromised as Google is now a monopoly. Asside from my own woes, there is a need to get some real competition in the search engine market and unfortunately petitioning governments may be the only recourse left.

Manzar Mash

08/12/2013 01:59 pm

okay that's strange. but tell me if this trick of putting ur content in PDF/DOC format on well known sites and then drive your traffic through them, is still effective and practical given the frequency of algo updates we all have seen/felt in the last couple of months? i think it may not be effective any more as tricking Google and getting your site ranked higher/driving more traffic is becoming harder and harder now and these tricks, if holds any water in them, are only effective for a short period of time. Google is quick to fix the loopholes, Google is a Big brother! cheers!

Tim Clarke

08/15/2013 12:47 pm

My business escaped Penguin and Panda, in fact did well out of both. We don't spam. However soft Panda got its beak into us. It looks like localism is promoted by this panda and strangely .coms too. We had ditched our .com that was mirroring our main site after repeated warnings from just about everyone that Google would get us sooner or later. Well soft Panda got us and our new traffic from USA, Australia & Hong Kong fell off a cliff. - Our repeat traffic, link traffic and paid traffic from these markets are holding up fine, just the organic searches. (These are now a better judge of how interested people in these markets are in us than Google organic is). London, our most important market, is doing very well indeed - but Google is just static here. Bing / Yahoo traffic is much smaller but growing nice in line with our London growth. My reading is that this soft Panda is soft in the head and there is something badly wrong with it.


08/17/2013 05:17 am

Same here -- all updates were fine, but this one just decimated us, cause we serve(d?) USA.

Maneesh Rai

08/17/2013 08:45 am

M not saying that, the trick is working but m saying the search results for the terms are not what expected.


08/21/2013 06:14 pm

when you say widgets, do you mean third party widgets or do you mean wordpress widgets that have internal links?


08/22/2013 01:31 pm

Google is doing business. It is unquestionably a fraud but HEY! WE ALL ARE USING IT. Nobody but only we have make google' "THE GOOGLE" so stop complaining now. May be it is ruining the small business but it is providing bread to a lot of internet monks who tag themself as "WEBMASTERS". So no google means no webmasters.....choice is ours; whether we can do the ethical things by complaining against the google or stop our self to be called as "Webmasters".

Bilderberg CEO

08/26/2013 06:45 am

Indeed. I removed Analytics from my sites. They know too much already.

Brad Chase

09/03/2013 01:48 pm

My site: had a huge recovery - traffic went up by like 30%. My site got hit and run by Panda and penguin, lol. I Thought the recovery was from all of the work I have been doing to address quality, but maybe not. Oh well, better quality never hurt. Here is a screenshot of my analytics if anybody wants to take a look:

Jolta techonolgies

10/07/2013 08:06 am

How i can apply update of panda in my website please tell me in detail

Brad Chase

10/07/2013 02:42 pm

I am not sure if this is correct or not, but this would be my advice: Look at all pages on your site that would be considered "thin content" (any article under 1000 words) and add content to it or 301 redirect it into a better article. Do this for all of the content on your site. #2 - make sure you anchor text is not all matching when you are linking into a page. In fact, I would mix up your anchor text quite a bit. I think if you do those two things, you will be headed in the right direction.

Humayun Hashmi

12/03/2013 10:07 am

would you please elaborate it, coz i didnt undrstnd that how canonicals could do that.


12/03/2013 02:14 pm

Oof! This was a while ago, so I don't remember exact details. So, generally speaking, if you mess up your canonical tags -- for example, if all your canonical tags for your inner pages are pointing to your main page -- all your inner pages would be deindexed (because they'd all be indexed under the main page).

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