Webmasters Claiming Recoveries With Google Panda 2.3 Update

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Google Panda Man RescuePanda 2.3 was rolled out on July 22nd and since then I have been hearing a nice number of reports from webmasters that they have recovered.

Of course, we are still getting reports that sites are still not doing better and then new reports of sites that just hit by this update. But for the first time, I am seeing a significant number of reports from people saying they recovered.

WebProNews has an article with DaniWeb about her full recovery. She shared Google Analytics data that can be confirmed with Quantcast data.

DaniWeb Google Analytics

DaniWeb Quantcast

As you can see, it seems like they truly recovered.

Despite all the early reports where most did not recover from Panda and the lies about recoveries. There were some reports of recoveries with the 2.2 Panda update but not as many as with this update.

For more on the Panda update click here.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Google Webmaster Help.

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07/28/2011 01:32 pm

According to the data we have with the first two updates the websites managed by us were not affected with the 3rd and 4th Panda Update the Ecommerce sites whose GA metrics reflected low CR, high bounce rate and a low CTR were affected but now with the latest update they have recovered back.

Nick Stamoulis

07/28/2011 02:46 pm

Hopefully more and more sites will recover. Google has said they do the Panda updates manually, so it's possible that the changes made after the first Panda roll-out are just now being taken into account. But it's good to see site owners have hope again.


07/28/2011 04:12 pm

LOL can I just say the pandaman cartoon is amazing. Well done on that graphic

Barry Schwartz

07/28/2011 04:13 pm

Are you serious?

Michael Martinez

07/28/2011 05:24 pm

I think it's kind of rough to label all previous claims of Panda recoveries as lies.  People are learning what to look for as we go along. 

Home Remedies MD

07/28/2011 05:57 pm

I got hit at the very beginning, but I have recovered nicely by shifting my marketing strategy


07/28/2011 09:40 pm

Google Panda is almost like playing Cat and Mouse

Joe Youngblood

07/28/2011 11:40 pm

I agree Nick. It looks like one of two things happened  1) Google said "we'll wait x period of time before we count your changes." this makes since to me since theoretically you could delete stuff, get out of the penalty, and then put it all back. Slamming the penalty down for 90-100 days before accepting changes to content as valid would make since.Or 2) Google said "thanks for the monies, here are some rankings" a highly unlikely scenario given the current gov't view of Google and their business. (to be fair Dani said it's possible that the adwords ads drove new signups, which in turn drove new, fresh content)


07/29/2011 08:27 am

We've recovered too after about 3 months of changes, wrote about what happened here http://www.dopdf.com/forum/topic/dopdf-a-google-panda-recovery-case-study - overall, from a loss of over 70% in traffic, we went back to only losing 20%, so somehow it's an incremental recovery but still a significant one.

elchonon hellinger

07/29/2011 09:24 am

Wow.. ive been out of the SEO loop too long... i'm with dopdf on scrappers.. my content is copied right and left and is upsetting if it hurts my SEO


07/29/2011 04:34 pm

Same story with us. A few of them have more than recovered, no doubt due to link building since panda debut.


07/29/2011 05:08 pm

No recovery here. Every time an update rolls out our site is hit and pushed down further or pages that have recovered are affected again.  Been trying to figure out what we are doing wrong and fix that.  If anyone would like to take a look and make suggestions? Almost 10 years in business and website tanked since Feb with no recovers, not even slightly: babyscholars.com


07/29/2011 05:10 pm

Curious as to how you did that? What new strategies did you use?

Joe Youngblood

07/29/2011 05:45 pm

you have way too much descriptive text in your footer that appears site wide. You have also used this exact same text for directory listings according to copyscape. i would leave the footer to just links and copyright info. if you're using manufacturer descriptions delete them all and work on hand written descriptions for your products. rewrite the brand pages. you are using basic descriptions that appear all over the internet. if you can, maybe shorterm noindex those pages or delete the description content. finally make sure your category pages and similar product pages have enough original content. you can use this tool to compare two pages: http://www.webconfs.com/similar-page-checker.php additional note: you might think about subdomains to separate out content. maybe: brands.babyscholar.com categories.babyscholar.com not sure how that works with Yahoo! Shopping

Joe Youngblood

07/29/2011 06:00 pm

I also noticed you dont have a lot of reviews. is this a focus of your business? if not I would periodically ask consumers to review the products they purchased. this will add more unique content to the property pages.

Web Design India

07/30/2011 07:47 am

Yes, I agree with you, Google keep doing changes which nobody can understand easily, even their engineers.


07/31/2011 05:28 am

Thank you Joe, Ok I will look at the footer text.  I have deleted most if not all manufacturers descriptions but will take another look.  Will take a look at that tool thank you.  Not sure about subdomains and have to figure out how to no index pages on our yahoo store.  Will be checking into that very soon. Thanks very much for your feedback.


07/31/2011 10:22 am

Do we know if this latest update is a global one or US only? My UK site that was affected by Panda 2.0 has seen no change yet. Still hoping it will bounce back!

Maternity clothes

08/01/2011 02:35 am

Thanks for your share brother. Talk about panda, panda always shake serp of  my blogs display, i hope we can face panda easily later


08/02/2011 01:56 am

I don't think we'll be seeing any elaboration from 'home remedies', I suspect they just wanted the link, nofollow or not. Just another naive spam comment, I'm afraid.


08/02/2011 02:05 am

And thanks for your contribution brother. What a stroke of luck being born with a name like 'Maternity Clothes'! No wonder you set up a website to sell them, I just hope Google realise your name is Maternity, and don't think you're merely spamming blog comments.


08/02/2011 07:27 am

wat kind of an update is this my site quickacneremedy.com  increased traffic in the feb update and now it lost rankings from its major keywords wats going on with panda..


08/07/2011 11:05 am

Thank you yes you are correct we do not have a lot of reviews, however, even those reviews from my understanding are not seo friendly and are done via javascript I think.  So now what I do is copy those reviews and add them to the product description area in some instances to add some unique content.  Hopefully this will not create duplicate content issues instead!


08/29/2011 08:46 pm

Google isn't what it used to be, I see more irrevelant content by the days. It's getting hard to find what you're really looking for. I like Google from 2010 better.


09/04/2011 07:10 pm

One of my site is experiencing increase in traffic but the other site has gone down, post Panda.

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