Google Nexus 4 Sells Out Before You Can Click Buy

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Nexus 4 Sold OutGoogle's Nexus 4 mobile device went on sale for about a minute or two yesterday in the U.S. before selling out.

It was a joke, I personally tried to add it to my cart and I did it the second the item was available for purchase and it timed out. It sold out in minutes, I have no clue how many Google was able to sell or how many they had in inventory to sell - but it didn't seem like many.

A forum filled with complaints can be found in the Google Web Search Help forum, I am sure there are other threads there and other forums with complaints.

Here is one such complaint:

As many of us may have realized, Nexus 4 was sold out in nearly every country within 30 minutes of it being launched. I am in Germany and I wasn't quick enough and could not buy it. My question is, when will it be available again? I was really looking forward to this phone, but did not realize that there were many like us, or was there not enough devices? Did Google wrongly estimated the demand for Nexus 4? In any case, I am disappointed and I sincerely hope that the phone becomes available again soon.

Right now if you want to order it, you cannot. It says sold out. It won't even let you order it to be in a queue when the inventory comes in. So when will Google replenish and open up orders again? Who knows.

I seriously wonder how many devices Google had on hand.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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11/14/2012 02:00 pm

Somewhere, in some Google office there is a team of marketing analysts engaging in some reciprocal flagellation. Woe and pity to them, those conservative minded projectioneers; woe and great pity unto them!


11/14/2012 03:17 pm

I got one, the trick was reloading the page a billion times until the "add to cart" button showed up. I'll sell it to you for $149 + $15 a month for 36 months. ;)


11/14/2012 07:25 pm

I was able to put it in my cart multiple times but it would never let me purchase. Then it would disappear from my cart and start over, this happened a dozen times+ then it was no more....Not happy. I

Tha Nhân

11/15/2012 01:08 am

Google play...playing with its customers ! It's won zero point for this badly joking. Hey Google, stop kidding .This will cost you billions of dollar


11/15/2012 01:15 am

They probably are mostly selling the N4 at a breakeven price.


11/15/2012 02:00 am

Went to a T-Mobile store to try and buy one, they want $499 for the 8 gb nexus 4 with no contract! Profiteering! Besides, they didn't have any. And the saleslady claimed it was a CDMA phone. Way to go, T-Mobile.


11/15/2012 09:37 am

Google did this so that: (1) increases the desirability of their product, (2) gets people talking about it. Those (consumers) that do want an instant alternative will likely be looking at Apple and they pull this stunt every year. The bottom line is if your queuing to buy a phone on its release day and are genuinely upset, you should really get a hobby/ partner or daylight at the very least?


11/15/2012 02:46 pm

I will pass even if you gave it to me free. Never mind going to buy it. I will never change my iphone.

Jeff C

11/15/2012 06:04 pm

Remember when Coca Cola released NEW COKE and it caused Classic COKE sales to skyrocket? Marketing departments in these companies are very smart. Hmm... Lets make sure it sells out so fast, there is all kinds of media buzz about it the week before Black Friday insuring this will be the hottest selling smartphone for the Holidays. What I don't get is although the price and specs are very attractive for an unlocked: no contract phone, 8 or 16GB is really small by today's standards when there is no microSD slot! Google is obviously assuming you will be connected to the net 24/7 and streaming your music and videos via Google Play and other services. But then your data usage goes through the roof! Will this aggressive pricing force more carriers to offer truly unlimited data plans and more reasonable prices? Also, HPSA+ is fast enough for most, but lack of LTE is another compromise to get that good price. Yet it still is "the buzz" (note that the sellout time means nothing without knowing the number of units sold.) So maybe the other key to the popularity of this device may be that with the younger generation, their phone is sort of a status symbol to them. Who can wait 2-years for contract renewal to get a new phone? But who can afford a $900 iPhone with no contract? BAM - Nexus 4 - I can get the latest gadget with specs good enough to brag about, with no contract, and without having to eat Top Ramen for a month to afford it. Who cares it doesn't have enough memory to store my video, photos and MP3 collection. I'll put it all on the Cloud and run my data usage through the roof instead.


11/26/2012 12:08 am

yea for $689.... hmm sounds like a steal! especially when it was sold for 300...


11/26/2012 12:09 am

just like those jackass people on ebay, bumping the price up to close to $600 when they bought 10 of them..


11/26/2012 12:25 am

If it makes you feel any better my order was put on backorder 3 days later, and I might get it sometime in December. It was also $366 after taxes and shipping. AND t-mobile has an even bigger steal!! They'll give you the 16GB model for $199 and a 24 month contract. I'm guessing that would work out to $1399.

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