Publishers Selling Sites With Google Rankings Guarantees

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Google News For SaleA Google News Help forum points out a trend that has been going on for some time where sites included in the Google News index are selling out with the promise of top rankings.

For example, one site is listed on sale on auction with the pitch of "Rank on the 1st page of google for ANY keyword within minutes."

Here is the sales pitch:

Rank on the 1st page of google for ANY keyword within minutes.

Many of you are familiar with google news approved websites and why they are so powerful but if you've ever tried to get approved for google news then you know how difficult the review process is. Being the owner of a google news approved website allows you to rank for any keyword you want and offers something that very few websites can:

-Guaranteed 1st page rankings -Guaranteed traffic -Guaranteed revenue

Any article you publish on this website will immediately be picked up by the google-news bot and added into the news index, when people search for keywords related to your article you will show up under the "News For _keyword_" area on the 1st page of the search results. If you've ever used google, then chances are you've seen news results show up when you've searched. And now with this website, you'll have the ability to include your articles/posts within those news results within a matter of minutes.

It's almost impossible to NOT make money with a google news approved website.

Heck, even the top headline reads, "Google News Approved Website."

Technically, there is nothing wrong with selling your web site. One publisher said, this is not a Googler, "it is perfectly OK to sell a google news web site. I asked the question in this forum back in 2009 before I purchased mine and was told that it is fine as long as I keep a team of writers (like google news specifies) that it should not be a problem."

But to sell a web site just to say it will 100% rank in the top results of Google within minutes. Is that something Google will want to start fighting?

We have seen sites pop up in Google News that were hacked and tried to sell stuff. But I have personally not seen it sold in this fashion.

Forum discussion at Google News Help.

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andy smith

08/22/2011 02:22 pm

I think that Google will fight this as they want more relevancy and quality of their search result but that will make a problem also for them because they will fight something which is 100% legal and that can affect their reputation. Google is going into more and more trouble that is because it is the giant of the search Try our new SEO-Reseller program on

Ian Williams

08/22/2011 03:43 pm

The best way for Google to fight this would be to expedite the approval process for sites entering Google News, then providing feedback and correspondence for those declined, within reason.


08/22/2011 06:12 pm

Barry, I'm glad you picked this up. That Flippa auction is from 11 months ago, but is a good example of the type of ranking claims made in auctions such as these.  Sellers in these unmoderated marketplaces like Flippa and DP can make pretty much whatever claims they want with very little censure.  I've created a thread about your post in my forum that specialises in catching and exposing scams by website sellers:  Calling these sellers "publishers" is a bit of an insult to publishers, IMO. Many of them are simply seedy, fly by night merchants looking to make a quick buck at the expense of the unwary. There's a whole industry around this kind of activity and there are thousands of not-publishers who are engaged in it. More examples on my forum for those who care to research it.  Moral: Don't buy a website unless you know what you're doing and/or have someone knowledgeable around to check it out for you. Unenforceable guarantees, whether on SERP positions, PR or volume of traffic, are worthless!


08/22/2011 08:38 pm

Great article!  I think Ian has the right idea too about how Google should go about this fight.  


08/26/2011 01:57 am

I think it's against google's  rules, just like selling links. All google want to do is to display the best results the users really need, while with the method, the content pushed to customers may turned out not to be useful or even hated by the users, that's not google can tolerate. 

Andrew Knibbe

08/29/2011 01:11 am

Hi Barry. Terrific article. I work for Flippa and can confirm that the vast bulk of both buyers and sellers of Google News indexed sites have had no problems with their transaction. Its only when any listing begins offering guarantees (such as SEO rankings) that problems emerge. To address this, we implemented a no-guarantees policy a few months after this listing as part of a broader "terms" overhaul back in March 2011 (full details at Thankfully this has largely eradicated these sorts of listings. Back on the Google News topic, I'd expect Google would remove a site from its news index when it stops providing news ...

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