Google News Sort By Date Gone

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Google News Sort By DateThere are new reports at the Google News Help forum that Google has removed the "sort by date" feature on the left hand side after conducting a news search.

The feature first introduced in May 2007 has become incredibly useful for many. But now many cannot see it nor use it.

I personally still see the date sorting option on Google News, but I am also still on the old design. So maybe it is only impacting those on the new design?

Google has yet to confirm the bug or address it.

The first report of this came yesterday, where a searcher said:

I have several news tabs set up for Google News. I used to be able to click a tab I had set up, and then sort by date to see the most breaking news on a topic. Then it changed so I had to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "more..." or whatever topic I was searching, and that would open the option on the left side of the page to sort by date. . I no longer see the "more" section at the bottom of the page, and I do not see an option to sort by date.

Forum discussion at Google News Help.

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Bill Loftus

12/02/2011 09:23 pm

Sort by date has been dropped from the version I use. I miss it terribly. I hope Google will restore it.


01/19/2012 12:38 am

i need it too!!


01/21/2012 05:23 pm

i am also having same problem. 


11/08/2012 09:10 am

that's a huge loss of functionality


01/03/2014 02:30 pm

Also missing sort by date for news

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