Google's Next Update To Be Named Panther?

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Google PantherSince Google has been on a roll with huge updates being named either Panda or Penguin, SEOs are having fun asking what will Google's next large update be named? It has to be an animal of some sorts, it has to be black and white and it really should start with the letter P.

I personally like Panther - it is a black and white animal that is lean, mean, fast and deadly. Although, Google's animals so far have been someone friendly in nature? Are Panda's nice? Penguins seem happy.

We could name it puppy, pony, polar bear, peacock and so on. What do you think?

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Lauryn Doll

05/07/2012 01:05 pm

Panther seems likely. 


05/07/2012 01:05 pm

Vampire bat seems more in-line.  :-) Their Blogspot keeps sucking my original content dry.  It's always a huge ordeal getting it removed - and a few months back, the rep I worked with refused to do such.  I even sent them proof by showing them the archived original material - but no, they said I had to work with the person who posted (stole) my work.  I told them that I had tried that but couldn't get a response.  They said 'tough cookies'.  The person resides in China who stole my work and posted it on Google's blog. Finally, I reached the thief via Twitter. They absolutely REFUSED to remove my work.  There ya have it - Vampire Bat, Barry. Google really needs to stop playing with article titles and other nonsense and get back to targeting search based on content.

Hyderali Shaikh

05/07/2012 01:59 pm

I think it'll be Pigeon because they are black & white & friendly.


05/07/2012 02:01 pm

It should really be a black and white animal, so the way these updates are going maybe Skunk would be appropriate... or Killer Whale.

Paweł Rabinek

05/07/2012 02:03 pm

Maybe next update will be "Zebra" :)


05/07/2012 02:44 pm


Alexander Edbom

05/07/2012 03:46 pm

Pony... :>

SEO Catalysts

05/07/2012 04:24 pm

i can't understand why they are giving all animal names?Don't they have other name or we have to suggest? :)

Веселин Митков

05/07/2012 07:47 pm

i think it will be " Orcinus orca " because will eat all SERPS in Google ocean


05/08/2012 04:21 am



05/08/2012 05:58 am



05/08/2012 07:17 am

I think it will be BISON

Craig Timmins

05/08/2012 09:18 am

Google Dung Beetle, collecting shit and rolling it away ;)

Inbound Marketing Expert

05/08/2012 11:58 am

I think will be Zebra


05/08/2012 12:49 pm

Nice one and funny as well

Larry Olson

05/08/2012 03:13 pm

Continue with cute animals bent on murder. How about Pooh Bear, warm & cuddly with a happy grin to come and stomp the life out of websites.

Sourabh Rana

05/08/2012 04:17 pm

Lion update is a good name


05/08/2012 04:37 pm

I'm with t84. I think the blank & white animals is a kind of symbol of a clear separation of black and white SEO. No more grey hat seo. Google either likes or doesn't like certain practices, and as these updates come out, grey hat will start disappearing.

Dave Fowler

05/08/2012 10:03 pm

If their applicant questions are anything to go by, Google love a cryptic conundrum. Maybe they are having fun testing us, and it won't be a black and white animal at all. My money is on Google working through the vowels AEIOU in their common order - pAnda, pEnguin, pIgeon, pOlecat, pUma? If I'm right I demand as my prize that Matt Cutts allow me to see their algorithmic black book.


05/09/2012 05:28 am

I think google loves zoo so since the updates, so dey ll also change google to ZOOGLE after sometime


05/09/2012 06:01 am

The mighty PYTHON - its looks meek and vulnerable (even cute sometimes), but smothers out the most formidable of animals like spammers along with us normal SEOs

Rahul Ranjan

05/09/2012 06:17 am

Its not really easy to tell whats the name of google next update. Panda and Penguin is given because the update which is introduced with the help of Navin Panda (one of google engineer who rolled out the google's crawler to the next level) is called Panda update and Penguin because google already intruded so many major update with the name of panda this year and in the month of April as well so google given the name of Penguin which are found in frozen rivers and google's this update freezes all the spammers traffic through this. So its very hard to say whats the name of google next update!

Only LOL

05/09/2012 01:03 pm

"Google Pumpkin"

Manjari Singh

05/10/2012 11:39 am

" Panther " sounds good... Panda is so cute and see what Google has done with it ! Now atleast SEO guys are quite afraid of cute Panda and Penguin...

anuj roy

05/10/2012 11:45 am

Black and white to signify white hats and black hats. Polar bear - no more black! :D Good refresher topic after the serious updates.

05/10/2012 12:18 pm

It seems Google is fond of animals and wanted to name all it's algorithm after animals. Initially it was Panda, then came Penguin and now it will be Panther! is it a co-incidence or Google is doing it deliberately?


05/10/2012 12:20 pm

I guess it is not Navin Panda it is Navneet Panda!


05/13/2012 06:30 pm


Anurag Sharma

05/14/2012 06:13 am

next update will be pomeranian.

Rohil Sharma

05/17/2012 07:00 am

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