Google Maps Reviews Bug Being Fixed

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Google Maps LogoYesterday we reported on a major bug impacting lots of Google Place business page holders and their reviews. The reviews within Google Maps went missing and for many, have still not been recovered.

At first, I thought the issue had to do with a new reviews spam algorithm that went bad. I was wrong. It is another type of bug, although Google won't say exactly what it was.

Joel Headley from Google said "I have confirmed that this isn't a spam issue. It's a problem on our end we're actively working to fix."

Vanessa from Google updated the Google Places Help and Google Maps Help threads saying:

We think we've discovered the core problem and we're actively working on a fix. Again, thank you to all the helpful individuals who posted details about what you were seeing. I'll keep you posted as I hear more.

So I hope you all get your reviews back soon!

Forum discussion at Google Places Help and Google Maps Help.

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Fix Computers

07/08/2011 01:29 pm

All my reviews for my listing, (Fix Computers) vanished for 3 days, the best thing you can do is just wait it out till they come back, instead of tinkering with your places listing. Fix Computers Google Place Listing:

Black Seo Guy

07/08/2011 01:44 pm

I use Google maps I hope all things are good..because I don't want to be going to the wrong places when viewing houses. "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"


07/08/2011 03:39 pm

Has anyone else noticed that the more complicated these type services get the more they fail? It is almost daily now between the top 5 ( Goog, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter) ...  the general attitude is well it's free so what's the big deal we will get it back on line sometime soon. My point. Nothing is really free. What we are giving up in terms of what we might have if we had paying competition options that worked better might be immense to out bottom lines and business futures. Just a thought. Ideas have a way of changing the world to something better.

research paper

07/09/2011 02:17 pm

I am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me.

mlm software

07/12/2011 06:18 am

Im too having the same issue earlier, thanks for the update.

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