Google+ Android Adds Location Sharing After Google Latitude Shuts Down

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Google LatitudeGoogle quietly announced on Google+ that they have added "location sharing" features to Google+ for Android.

This was expected since Google Latitude died and was being shut down. We knew Google wanted to integrate latitude-like features into Google Maps and Google+ and this is their first attempt at doing so.

Virgil Dobjanschi, Google's tech lead for Google+ Android applications, explained the new features added to Google+ for Android to enable location sharing.

Location sharing includes more controls: Starting today you can share your pinpoint or city-level location with others (if you want), and you can do so on a circle-by-circle basis. For example: you can share your pinpoint location with family, and your city-level location with co-workers. You can also use circles to filter who appears on your “Locations” map.

Here are some pictures:

Google Location Sharing via Google Maps AndroidGoogle Location Sharing via Google Maps Android

There are many other features added to version 4.1 of Google+ for Android, but location sharing is a big one.

The other features include:

  • Account and page switching is a lot easier
  • Google Apps for Business features are now fully supported
  • Google Drive photos & videos are now accessible from Google+
  • Messenger is going away, Hangouts is sticking around

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Mail Dover

04/19/2014 07:47 pm

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