Business Descriptions Go Missing In Google Maps

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We have confirmed reports that some businesses listed in Google Maps / Places have noticed their business descriptions have gone missing.

A Google Places Help thread has several reports with confirmation from Googlers.

One place is an appliance store in Fort Worth, Texas who is completely missing their business description.

Google Places Biz Description

Normally the business description would show up under the grayed out tags or categories but here they do not.

Vanessa from Google said last Friday:

Just to be clear: descriptions have not disappeared with the new Place page changes. We've just pushed a new listings index — please give it a couple days for the info to reappear. But keep us posted if you see they don't come back so we can take a deeper look.

As of a few days later, the issue is still not resolved. I hope it is soon.

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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SEO Chester

07/25/2011 01:08 pm

This is a strange occurance in a tweek made by Google Places, is it affecting many?


07/25/2011 03:42 pm

Business descriptions (and all additional details)  have been missing for many of my listings for at least a month at this point -so when do I get to start counting "a couple of days"?

DigitalMoz SEO

07/26/2011 11:19 am

I was trying to create a new google place listings just now and noticed that my description was not appearing. Thanks for the heads up, now I know that it was not my fault :)

business bay

09/08/2011 05:51 am

Very good blog site I'll certainly be returning to look at it day-to-day later on

Website Copywriter

12/22/2011 07:51 am

My business description has been missing since I created a listing last month. Any updates on this issue?


06/18/2013 01:38 am

What's any update on this issue?

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