Google Maps With Flight Directions

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Pegman Google MapsI was looking to drive from New York, where I work/live, to Toronto for a conference, so I went to Google Maps and inputted the addresses. Google Maps showed me this weird straight line from my office to my destination, heck, flying over water and plowing through mountains and homes.

How was that possible? To go by air.

I didn't want flights, but Google Maps told me a flight would take less time. Not only that, I can book the flight using Google Flight search. A 1.5 hour flight would actually be longer for me than a 7 hour drive because of driving to the airport, going through security, getting to the destination after you land and so forth. It would be a wash, in time.

Here are pictures, I believe this only comes up when using the new Google Maps:

Google Maps With Flight Directions

Google Maps With Flight Directions

Have you seen this?

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Ben Quinney

11/20/2013 02:25 pm

Very ineteresting, its a welcome addition. I'm really hoping at some point Google maps introduces national rail (uk) times and transfers at some point.

Gracious Store

11/22/2013 06:07 am

If you are driving I think it is better to use rout planner (mapquest) than Google map to get directions to your destination

Biggus Dickus

05/04/2014 12:52 am

You click the "car" icon, and it gives you the driving directions you'd prefer. This makes me wonder if Google would ever consider adding a general-aviation mode to their maps, for those who have pilot's licenses. Old Google Maps was more useful than new Google Maps for this purpose, because it had a "distance measurement tool" under Maps Labs that could give you the straight-line distance in nautical miles. They could easily get airspace, obstruction, and other information from the FAA to incorporate into the map. This would have been a better use of their time than creating this stripped down imitation of the original Google Maps.

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