Google's JohnMu: I Am Not A Magician

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google bot magicianSome people think that if you know someone at Google, they can pull strings and give you better rankings. Truth is, it doesn't work that way. In fact, I know Googlers who struggle with their own personal sites' rankings more than most SEOs.

That being said, Google's John Mueller, the most visible Google representative in the Google Webmaster Help forums shared a secret. He said he is not a magician.

John said, "I can't magically change your sites' rankings."

That might come as a shock to some of you but the truth is, there is no button he or anyone else can press to make your rankings jump in the search results.

Of course, John can offer advice, which he does almost every day in the forums.

But John and his colleagues do not have the power or access to improve your rankings magically. But they do have the power to hurt your rankings.

Does Matt Cutts? I doubt it. :-)

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Amit Kumar

08/28/2013 12:50 pm

They all are crooks. Now they are free to what they want to do. Day by day every google free services coming to its end because now they think they are the only in the market but Still bing & yahoo are there. Dont forget google if webmaster can make you popular they also can hurt you too..


08/28/2013 01:09 pm

"In fact, I know Googlers who struggle with their own personal sites' rankings more than most SEOs." This is what happens when one doesn't watch videos from MC and doesn't attend SMX !!! What a strange Googlers they are ...

Raghavendra Bellala

08/28/2013 03:46 pm

Agree :-)

Tushar D. Prabhu

08/28/2013 04:37 pm

Ummm....webmasters didn't make Google popular, searchers did. Webmasters pander and cry and complain because they NEED Google to reach the searchers. Sorry to pop the bubble, but Google doesn't really need webmasters as much as it needs searchers, and as long as there are a million other sites with quality content, why should Google care about a whining webmaster that got hit?

Takeshi Young

08/28/2013 04:42 pm

Pretty sure magical ability is one of the qualifications they look for if you want to work at the 'Plex.


08/28/2013 05:06 pm

but they can manually edit "trust level", "pagerank" and "penalties" values. Or add something to "site boost" database fields.


08/28/2013 06:07 pm

Of course John can't magically change anyone's ranks. Google has hardcode their Internet Association lobbying friends into the algorithm to give them top ranks. Only engineers can override the hardcoded winners Google has partnered with.

Mr Breakfast

08/28/2013 08:40 pm

John Mueller may not be a magician, but he could be a super hero if he let some of know which aspects of our sites are being negatively interpreted by the algorithms to result in site-wide penalties. Personally, I've reached out to him in the webmaster forums, twitter and via traditional mail with no meaningful reply - as I should probably have expected (I know he's a busy guy). Mueller and team should be able to point to a few Panda/Penguin recovery stories to justify that their advice is any good. John M. - If you're reading this now: Help a guy out. We can work together to show that recovery is possible. I'll make you donuts.


08/28/2013 08:52 pm

it possibly if John M. is magician and can directly edit their database. But if him don't know how to do it, then no chances.


08/28/2013 10:26 pm

Forget about Bing & Yahoo. They are not even near, so better don't talk about them. Its google's search engine, they know better than you do, so don't advice them. Its there own business and they are the creators.


08/28/2013 11:13 pm

Exactly, they did that to some of the most known sites ie. or (upped their trust rank and PR).


08/29/2013 07:33 am

Do not you Guys Agree that NOW a days Google SEARCH are becaom SO poor,, As most SEARCH RESULT..are coming from BIG BRAND.. like Facebook, LinkedIn, YELP etc.... Google is now Promoting BIG branD name... We are not FOOL,, When We could directly Access big BRAND websites than WHY We we took help from Google search.. The Days is not SO far when Google Employee like Matt Cut... would mail to us to improve Rank or BLACK-mail to down Grade Rank..

Dean Rowe

08/29/2013 08:55 am

he might not be a magician but he is a great guy, and has helped out many a site owner (including myself) via the forum


08/29/2013 10:10 am

Like Microsoft and Adobe needed their TRUSTRANK and PR upped :) Shhhhhhish...

Juggernart Games

08/29/2013 12:25 pm

I presume that Googles' algorithms indeed have "buttons" or let's say input fields with which various calculated values can be overwritten. Wouldn't it be stupid if such complex algorithms wouldn't offer manual "correction" handles?! Does anyone really think that a Google official would tell public that a sites' ranking could easily be upgraded (or downgraded) by changing some values manually?! Hahaha!


08/29/2013 05:39 pm

to help with problem, which they created. I just funny, is John M. don't know what people here know what is direct database access?


08/29/2013 09:03 pm

because googlers work hard on new matt cutts videos, looking ways how to increase number of adwords ads in serp and in algo update time just little bit changes links values & dofollow/nofollow & acceptable anchor chart values.


08/30/2013 06:50 pm

i think problem here what google search algorithm is AI and it take control under creators and causes chaos in organic serp. It main reason why John M. and other google employers not have control on the AI monster. How I love this bedtime fairy tales!


09/01/2013 02:48 am

It is good that there is no "god-fatherism "in Google ranking, that all sites get their ranks based on the merits of their hard work. So we all can match on with confidence in our struggle to get higher ranking knowing that we are all playing in a level field.


09/03/2013 06:41 pm

exactly. however it better to join internet coalition to get added to google global white list.

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