Google: Delete Your Google+ Local Page If...

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Google+ LocalGoogler, Abby DeBellis, from the Google Local team, said in a Google Local Help thread that some businesses that have Google+ Local pages should delete their Google+ page.

Which ones? Those that do not accept customers at their location. Those businesses should have a their address hidden, according to the terms of service. And because those businesses should have their address hidden, they are not supported within Google+ yet.

Abby explained:

If you do not accept customers at your location, then your address should be hidden. At this time, Google+ currently does not support hidden addresses. You should delete your social local Google+ page from within Google+ (Click on Pages on the ribbon on the left, go to the Settings of your page, and scroll to the bottom and click Delete page).

Don't worry! You can still manage your business’ presence on Google. Here’s how:

- If you're a verified business owner in Google Places for Business...
-- Manage the listing via the Google Places for Business dashboard. Be sure to hide your address.
- If not, but a listing for your business exists...
-- Find the listing for your business and become a verified business owner by clicking on Manage this page on the right-hand side.
-- Then, manage the page via the Google Places for Business dashboard
- If no listing for your business exists...
-- Add it on Google Places for Business:

Will this change? It appears so. But how soon? No idea.

Forum discussion at Google Local Help.

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Jeremy Rivera

12/20/2012 05:40 pm

Google should FIX Local+ and Google Places before prompting businesses to delete their listings. SO many things wrong in local search that are not getting corrected.

Igniva Sol

12/21/2012 09:09 am

Like this URL is sending user to dead end:


12/21/2012 10:16 am

That's strange. I have a merged listing and it hides the address and works fine as a place?


12/21/2012 12:43 pm

This sucks for small business and Facebook has never been this draconian so how in the world does google think they are competing with FB with +?

Danny Sullivan

02/19/2013 07:13 pm

About time the real truth starting coming out. Its ALL true. Google is the like the mafia for the internet and the sad thing is, most people support them because they're sheep! Google are favoring big brands and powerful companies who support them over the smaller guys who publish unique content. The allow the high DA protected domains to plagiarize content and republish it along with other plagiarized content as long as its popular and attracts links. Matt Cutts told me recently " don't ever repeat this but we will never support the smaller sites regardless of how unique or useful thier content is because it just won't make us any money'.

Christopher FitzPatrick

03/02/2013 12:14 am

It hid the address on your google+ business listing? It absolutely will not allow me to hide the address. I talked with a search engine optimizer company toiday, they told me to absolutely NOT verify my +listing because it will show my address on my places and they will kick me off again. I'm just going to delete it I suppose. As it is, my places listing is awaiting 'review' for almost 3 weeks now.


03/02/2013 01:36 am

Currently in the G+ editor you cant specify to hide the address. In my case they must have picked up the info from the Places editor as my address is hidden.

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