Google's Search Quality Team Renamed Google Knowledge Team

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Google Knowledge TeamA WebmasterWorld thread cites recent Search Engine Watch story that says that Google's Matt Cutts said his team, formerly known as the Search Quality Team, has been renamed to the Google Knowledge Team.

He said this in his opening keynote a month or so ago at SES San Francisco. He said, quoting from the story, "Google is so committed to this that Google's Search Quality team has been renamed to Google's Knowledge Team."

I have not heard this mentioned elsewhere. It is a name change, not a function change.

Honestly, I'd assume there is a team at Google working on specific things to the knowledge graph so I am surprised the search quality team would take that name and not use that name for the specific team who deals with the knowledge graph?

I was not at the event, so maybe this is being taken out of context or maybe not?

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10/09/2012 03:58 pm

Porn and drugs and videos are not quality anyway. Best change the name.

Kevin Gerding

10/09/2012 06:56 pm

And webmasters have been renamed to webservants of Google. Google can't even rename a department without creating confusion. I agree that such a name would be associated with Knowledge Graph.


10/09/2012 10:36 pm

Typographical error - that should have been "No Ledge"


10/10/2012 02:42 am

Suppose g+ search means that Google has estimated my node in the multi dimensional space of Google's knowledge graph (with inputs from books, video, news, maps...) and is measuring how close of comes to fulfilling my needs each time I search for kknowledge. Or is it knowledge of what I might want to buy.


10/10/2012 05:40 am

Well they can definitely take Quality out their name with the results at this point. I guess they are on a quest for knowledge now coz it seems they know very little in serving up the right page now. I just dont know how they are going to troubleshoot any problems when they release 5 "minor" updates one after the other. They simply dont know themselves which one is causing what anymore. Its one big bloody mess....Not a very knowledgeable thing to do in any BETA software environment.

John Brown

10/11/2012 05:00 am

Google Wikipedia scrapper Knowledge Team and Web Killers Team

Miranda Miller

10/11/2012 01:42 pm

He really said it :)

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