Did Google Update On June 24th? Very Little SEO Chatter

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updateOn June 24th, all the tools tracking Google's search fluctuations began lighting up. MozCast, SearchMetrics, SERPS.com all went nuts. Algoroo seemed calm, which is interesting.

Truth is, most of the chatter and discussion I see in the forums are about the tools showing an update happening but not of webmasters or SEOs claiming their rankings changed. Of course, we have some webmasters claiming changes, we do every day, but not the number I'd expect to see when there was a large update.

Here are screen shots of the tools:

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There is some chatter in some of the forums including BlackHatWorld and WebmasterWorld but truthfully, not enough for me to call this an algorithm update.

Did you see major changes in the past couple of days?

Forum discussion at BlackHatWorld and WebmasterWorld.

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06/26/2014 12:25 pm

Yes there was an update i can see traffic changed negatively.


06/26/2014 12:34 pm

This is still Panda 4.0 , it's not over yet, I do not think it's payday loan as well!


06/26/2014 12:50 pm

Maybe the flux has something to do with the updates that Google just rolled out on their App indexing capabilities? Looks like they're able to pull in more info from installed apps on your mobile device. And according to the blog post, they've just "enabled our biggest batch yet, including apps like ABC News, Airbnb, AutoTrader, BuzzFeed, CBS, Cookpad, Crackle, Daily Mail Online, Dailymotion, The Economic Times, Fox News, francetv info, Hot Pepper Gourmet, Houzz, KASKUS, Kompas.com, musiXmatch, NDTV, Orbitz, RetailMeNot Coupons, Shazam, Strava, Subito.it, The Guardian, The Washington Post, ViewRanger GPS, Viki, and many more." http://insidesearch.blogspot.com/2014/06/more-apps-in-google-searchnow-even.html


06/26/2014 12:53 pm

No this is not!

Barry Schwartz

06/26/2014 12:58 pm

probably not

Mike Maughan

06/26/2014 01:06 pm

I also see Fluctuation... Please review my ranking Fluctuation From 18th June To 26 June.


06/26/2014 01:07 pm

Mozcast showing 71 as weather report , This fluctuations can't be normal!

Tammy Emineth

06/26/2014 01:32 pm

I noticed many of my sites got a great boost!


06/26/2014 03:22 pm

Most of the rank trackers are fixed on big brand fluctuations. With so few small websites appearing in Google these days, I doubt many of us would notice much of anything from Google's minor updates.

Rick Hardman

06/26/2014 03:33 pm

Nothing here outside of normal fluctuations. Still waiting for Penguin to refresh - beginning to wonder if the Penguin died ;)

Abhishek Mishra

06/26/2014 03:42 pm

Hey barry, my new posts are not coming in google after fetching also? but they come when i search the URL? what the problem?


06/26/2014 04:00 pm

Problems are those people who can't even write english properly are getting on stuffs like building websites , doing SEOs .. Scary !

Michael Bryner

06/26/2014 08:03 pm

I must be unlucky. My site is two months old. I get hardly anything, even with pagerank updates. I had another one before the one I have now, and that one was up for a year last year, and nothing happened to it either. Either I am just unlucky or I have no clue what I am doing, but I have everything setup from SEO to Webmaster Tools to Analytics, and daily content added, and pagespeed tweaked, and all kinds of things done to the website, but just does not pick up. I don't have the income to pay someone to make it get visitors. At least not one to pay some one for helping.

Abhishek Mishra

06/27/2014 03:08 am

but i write english :)

Jigar Rajput

06/27/2014 10:10 am

I am going to face interview in MNC company as a SEO executive. So for this interview what is your advises in SEO field?


06/27/2014 11:28 am

...to find a different occupation and save the company a wrench thrown into the gears.


06/27/2014 11:30 am

The irony, it hurts.

Patti Paz

06/27/2014 12:01 pm

It might be just a bit toooooooooo late to be asking this question.


06/27/2014 06:22 pm

Yet another Barry Schwartz gossip link-bait piece that's about nothing. *Yawn*

Barry Schwartz

06/27/2014 06:22 pm

Sweet dreams.

Amy Dunn Moscoso

06/27/2014 11:37 pm

Ha, good one.


06/28/2014 01:21 pm

My site is 10 years old, and I've kept developing it over that time. My traffic has always been purely organic, and the site did well until about a year ago, when the traffic dropped and all the scrapers sailed past. At the end of last month, with the Panda update, suddenly my original content and photos were credited back to my site, and the traffic picked up, week after week, until about two days ago. Today (28th June 2014) it is has dropped so significantly, that I decided to check my original content and photos in google again, only to discover I've been totally relegated in the search, and very poor quality scrapers who have taken my content are once again ranking way above me. I'm pretty fed up with Google right now.


06/28/2014 01:41 pm

After the Panda update in mid-May, we went to work. We saw a nice bounce for those sites for their keywords on the whole.


06/28/2014 01:44 pm

Bummer. Sorry to hear about that. I had a site that was hit by Penguin 2.1 and then unexpectedly by Panda 4. After the update in June, it still has not recovered.


06/30/2014 06:04 pm

My website also dropped on 28'th June as i was on the first page for multiple keywords..for 2 years. What kind of update is this? :|

Ajay Chand

07/01/2014 05:51 am

Yeah! I have also faced the same...... Panda 4.0 didn't hurt me but I don't know what happened on 28th June .... My keywords have lost their ranking.... and my traffic also go down 600 to 300 only :( Please tell me what's wrong going on here ...????


07/03/2014 07:34 am

google have definitely done something (very bad) my sites have gone from 1,000 impressions a day to about 80! Good content, long standing reputable sites, very solid citizens. What have they done?

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