Anchor Links Used For Image References In Google Images

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Loupiote posted an interesting fact about how Google Image search works in the Google Webmaster Help forum.

He asked why does Google show images he is simply linking to, off his site, as an image on his site when all he is doing is linking to the image. He is not even using the image source tag, he is only linking to the image.

This search result shows two images, the first is not on his site but rather he links to the image. The second is the image on his site.

Google Images References

If you look at the page on the site, you will see only the second image displaying.

So why is Google showing the first image as if it was on and discovered on Gary Illyes from Google said because Google not only looks at the image source code but also link source code to index new pictures.

Gary explained:

Provided we're allowed to, we may crawl and potentially index images regardless where we find them in case our algorithms detects that the image would be useful for the users. This includes images referenced in img tags the usual way and anchor tags, too.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Robert Visser

06/10/2011 09:53 pm

Isn't that something of a given? An SEO best practice is to name images with two, three or four word long tail phrases -- obviously separated by hyphens. For example: long-tail-phrase.png. Though beyond the scope of this discussion on anchor text for images, an extension of this principle is to name the folder in which the images are placed with an appropriate long tail phrase; e.g. MyDomainName /achieve-maximum-keyword-effectiveness/long-tail-phrase.png. Obvious credit to Chris Anderson, his blog and book where he coined the term: "the long tail".

Seo nj

06/13/2011 07:59 am

This is something I need to learn about SEO and how anchor images works on google. Images really are refernces img tags and also best in using them as anchors. thanks a lot!

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