Google: Glass Not Ready For Prime Time

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Google GlassGoogle posted yesterday on the Google Glass Google+ page 10 myths associated with Google Glass. One of those myths, number four, was "Glass is ready for prime time." Google says it is not.

Here is the full explanation give by Google:

Glass is a prototype, and our Explorers and the broader public are playing a critical role in how it’s developed. In the last 11 months, we’ve had nine software updates and three hardware updates based, in part, on feedback from people like you. Ultimately, we hope even more feedback gets baked into a polished consumer product ahead of being released. And, in the future, today's prototype may look as funny to us as that mobile phone from the mid 80s.

It is just funny Google says this because all of their marketing has been around making Google Glass look good on good looking people. Trying to make Google Glass look natural and not crazy looking.

Truth is, they can't until they figure out a way to blend it better into wearables.

I agree, it is not ready for prime time, but personally, I get a huge amount out of using it on a daily basis. I do however feel awkward wearing it in public.

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03/21/2014 02:10 pm

Cell phones have been devastating to social interaction. One s never quite sure whether a person is paying attention to you or to their phone. But Google Glass will be the ultimate in disguising things like eye contact, body language, and the natural perceptions of attention and honesty, for example.

Durant Imboden

03/22/2014 08:58 pm

"I do however feel awkward wearing it in public." I know a guy who loves wearing it in public. But he's an extreme extrovert who enjoys having people come up and ask him about his Google Glass. Maybe they need a Google Glass for extroverts and Google Contacts for people who want to be left alone.

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