Does Reversing The Google Geographic Target Work?

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Google Geographic TargetA WebmasterWorld thread has discussion around using the geographic target option in Google Webmasters Tools.

One interesting point brought up by Tedster was that when you use it, reversing it and reversing the effect can take a really long time.

Tedster said:

I've heard that once your site is targeted to a specific country it can take a long time to reverse the setting if you decide to. If you are not concerned about any traffic outside India, I'd say give it a try and I'm very interested in an up-to-date report on how things go for you.

Another webmaster said he reversed it and the traffic never went back to normal. He said:

I started seeing some change within 2 weeks after the setting but things never quite returned to 'normal'.

Do you have experience with setting up the geographic target and reversing it? If so, share your story.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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David Chung

11/18/2011 11:32 pm

The only factors that should show difference before and after reversing geotarget settings should be quality score and competition within the given time frame. If the bids stayed the same, QS would get reset to a degree because one of the influential determinants of Quality Score calculation is CTR -- INDEXED TO THE TARGETED USER'S GEOGRAPHY. Hence, QS would not have any Geo-Centric CTR history for the new targeting settings. I don't see how this would create too much problem though because this calculation is done in real time against the user's geography as they search. Where they are searching from should trump your targeting setting. We might be facing different regional language settings?

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