Google May Or May Not Use EXIF Data For Ranking Images

Feb 25, 2014 • 8:12 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Image Search UpdateTypically when Matt Cutts of Google posts a video, there is a yes or no, or he is leaning strongly one way or another in his answer. But this time, I am honestly confuses.

Matt posted a video on the question "Does Google use EXIF data from pictures as a ranking factor?" Yes or No? The answer he gave was that they reserve the right to use EXIF data in image search rankings. But do they? I don't know.

Listen to his answer:

Was that a yes or no? Was it a depends? Was it, they don't now but they may in the future? I am honestly not sure.

What is your take?

In Google+, some think yes and some think of course they do. But why such a wishy washy answer?

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Fabio Breitenschmitzer

02/25/2014 02:20 pm

For me this was a clear "yes", but, that I agree, without saying it directly.


02/25/2014 05:01 pm


Andrew Cilio

02/25/2014 05:20 pm

Seems like a clear "yes," but he lawyer'd up his answer so he wouldn't offend the die-hard privacy advocates or spark more lawsuits. Doesn't matter much in terms of SEO anyway--if Google needs to use the meta data from your images to rank your photos, you're probably not going to get any decent traffic from them in the first place (for most industries).


02/26/2014 02:34 am

He said if it's not there do not worry about adding it. If it was a important ranking factor, like title tags, he would have said make sure you take care of this.

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