Export Google Webmaster Tools Data To Google Spreadsheets

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Google Docs & Webmaster ToolsGoogle announced you can now export many of the reports from Google Webmaster Tools directly into Google Spreadsheets.

Previous, you were able to export these reports as CSV or use a Python scripts or the API to export data from the tool.

Googler, Pierre Far, said on Google+:

Remember that Top Search Queries and Top Pages have a very powerful filtering feature allowing to filter the data by:

1. Type of search (web search, images, searches from smartphones, etc)

2. The location of the searcher around the world

3. And filter by different types of queries

To export the data, click the download data button and a "Select Download Format" option box will pop up where you can choose to download the data as "CSV" or "Google Docs."

Export Google Webmaster Tools Data To Google Spreadsheets

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06/22/2012 08:40 am

Wow that should have happened a lot sooner!


01/22/2013 09:48 am

Dear Sir, I have an acount in which 1600 Urls are added, And I want to Export data for overall 1600 Urls in a single spreadsheet.Actually I want only "Impression" data for all 1600 Urls.So is it possible?? plz reply

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