What Happened To My Custom Google Background Image?

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The Google Web Search Help forum is filled with complaints from Google users that no longer see their custom background images they used on their Google home page for the past two plus years.

From Frogs to Models, they are all gone:

Custom Google Background

The complaints are so massive and widespread that Google added to the home page of the forum a link to where people should submit their complaints. It isn't stopping people from creating their own threads, which Googlers are merging into the main thread.

Here is a picture of the forum instructions:

Google Background Complaints

The main thread itself has well over three hundred posts but trust me, there is a lot more going on in the Google Web Search Help forums on this topic.

Google did announced the last Friday in September that this feature is going away. There is even a help page about the change.

I am sure there are plenty browser extensions you can use to continue to customize your Google home page but it is no longer backed into Google.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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11/13/2012 11:53 pm

Hey Barry I was looking for images with the search term "Google don't be evil" This is what I found It kind of reminded me of someone http://bulldozer00.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/no-evil.png


11/13/2012 11:55 pm

On topic. Sad that they did this. One of the things that made us love Google originally were how it let us customize stuff. iGoogle went and now this. Google really is on a do as we say rampage! Who instigated this I wonder? Seems it is all happening Since Larry came back.


11/14/2012 02:07 am

Google is seriously getting on my last nerve. I love this feature and I for one will look to another search engine if they continue to take features away. Actually, scratch that...the second bg's are removed I'm out! FU! Google that!


11/19/2012 05:55 am

this is the only thing that i really like bout google that i get to choose my background whenever i go on google i can b happy. like seriously they need to bring it back idc!!


11/27/2012 05:44 pm

I miss my google backgound picture.


11/28/2012 08:53 pm

So I guess they did it to keep google simple and easy to focus with. I had a pink floral background that was pleasing to look at and I felt happy when I saw it. Seeing the bright awkward color combination of the Google background now is cold and repulsive in a way that makes me feel un-welcomed and uncomfortable. I was not too happy when it vanished. Maybe Google should consider that everyone is different and everyone thinks differently. Therefore, the way people focus and what helps people focus is different from person to person. I am really upset with Google for this. I might even start using Bing just as a personal protest.


11/29/2012 09:19 pm

Does anyone know why they took it away?

Tom Kay

12/13/2012 05:20 pm

I regularly update this chrome extension to re-enable support for custom backgrounds: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/custom-google-background/jepibmfmhopgkplegmkjgifmhabbjadg


12/24/2012 05:36 pm

What do you expect from Fascist Jews?

Daelee Morrison

02/20/2013 12:50 am

Google isss sooo boring and dual without our own custom touches to it!! when i log on i don't wanna see some dumb photo the Google company decided to use... I wanna see my own back round that i customized to fit my personality!!!!!!!!!! Something that screams "Me!!"... We all should be able to have our customized Google back again.. Please take this in consideration!! Thank you!

miriam santos

07/02/2013 08:15 pm

What happen to the customized buttons on Google Chrome search? I hate the changes made ...it sounds like I do not have a choice plus it limits my creative side. How come you guys dump on us such stupidity! I want to express myself and use my own pics. I hope some big bosses are reading these comments ! Please, take in consideration otherwise I change to other search engine plataform.

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