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Google Correlate LogoGoogle announced a very cool new tool named Google Correlate yesterday.

It basically allows you to see correlation data over time and by geographic location. You can even upload your own data to it and Google will try to find search terms that had the same correlation data as your own data. You can even draw your own line chart and Google will show you matches to the spikes and dips of the visual you drew. It is very cool.

Before I explain a bit on how search marketers can use it, let me show you examples.

I typed in Matzah, which is a food Jewish people eat on Passover, normally around April time each year. Check out the time chart:

Google Correlate Picture

Same keyword but by location, guess where most the Jewish population lives within the United States?

Google Correlate Picture

Don't have a data set available to upload to Google? No worries, just try to draw the data visually and Google will try to match the drawing.

Google Correlate Picture

Google Correlate Picture

Obviously, for search marketers, this is just yet another neat keyword tool. But even more so, let's say you see an unusual pattern over time that repeats itself but you have no idea why. Why not upload the data or draw the trend and see if Google can help you figure it out.

You'd be surprised what Google might come up with and even if it is not accurate, maybe you will learn a new trick? For example, if you clean cars in New York, you may notice a spike prior to Passover. But if you sell car cleaning materials and you might not know it is because Jewish people before Passover clean there cars very well, as to not have any bread in the car. This might help the cleaning product wholesalers learn this little tidbit.

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05/26/2011 01:12 pm

Really interesting Barry, thanks for the examples. Helps the tool make more sense.


05/27/2011 07:04 am

amazing...G always it possible to show the trends by country as well as city wise.... 

online shopping uk

05/27/2011 07:14 am

It seems quite interesting and  effective tool as well.. Does it provides us City wise trends??

John Lewis Stores

05/27/2011 07:17 am

Informative post and a useful tool by Google.. I just checked the correlation of Junk Food in US..

Lance Adpear

05/27/2011 04:41 pm

The upload feature only accepts the date format: MM/DD/YYYY, but Google Analytics exports a long-form date format (ex. Friday, May 27, 2011). What gives? I'd love to use Google correlate with traffic data, goals, etc.

Water Ionizers

05/27/2011 10:09 pm

This is an awesome new tool! I never stop learning things in this field! I wonder if it can tell you more detailed time analysis? Monthly or even daily?


05/30/2011 04:18 pm

How is the Matzah example any different than what Google Insights for Search provides already? Insights provides time lines and regional heat maps. The draw feature holds more promise to me. I've tried a few lines and found that, as with most other things, segmentation brings more relevance from the correlations. Most of the datasets I've run through have produced near-gibberish though. I'd love to see more examples of truly unique insights Google Correlate can bring to the table.

Jonathan Saipe

06/02/2011 09:35 am

Very useful. As Google says, it's like Google Trends in reverse because the results include data that has a similar trending pattern. Shame it doesn't cover Europe though.

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