Google Checkout Badges Gone From AdWords Ads

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Google has finally dropped the Google Checkout Badges which have been part of the AdWords listings for four plus years! We were never really sure if they had a tremendous impact on click through rates or conversions, but we do know they eventually also removed them from the AdSense listings.

Here is a picture of the original Google Checkout Badge, then what we had for a few years and now how it looks with it being gone:

Google Checkout Badge Gone

Here is the official Google word on this:

Please be aware that as of June 2011, the Google Checkout badge has been removed from AdWords ads.

This change impacts badges that appear on and search results. This includes the standard and promotional Checkout badge for both merchants and non-profits.

Badges and filtering on Google Product Search results are not impacted by this change. Learn more about displaying badges on Product Search results.

Are you upset it is gone? I mean, I guess how much can Google fit on an ad? They have the ratings, various AdWords extensions, live previews and now the Google +1 icons. I guess it was simply too much.

Hat tip to eCommerce Circle for informing me about this.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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06/02/2011 01:50 pm

I'm really upset of it being gone! - it definitely had an impact on click through rates making the ad much more visible, and a major benefit of google checkout... 

Michael J. Kaye

06/02/2011 02:00 pm

Barry, thanks for the link In the tests I've run for several clients, we have seen a boost in CTR when the logo was present. Although when all merchants with competing ads also had it in their ads, the boost in CTR was much less significant.


06/02/2011 03:20 pm

Yeah, I have also seen a CTR increase when the badge is present. It being gone from everyone will definitely ease the results from this, but it isn't better none the less.


06/02/2011 03:31 pm

We had an example of CTR falling post badge.


06/02/2011 03:54 pm

I see this really taking away from merchant adoption rate. The best part about google checkout was the ability to have that eye candy in ther SERPS

Rick Bucich

06/02/2011 10:10 pm

Getting the +1 in AdWords ads will help force adoption so it can be more widely utilized.  It also gets the SEO and SEM teams on the same page regarding implementation.

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